Squid Game – Guard Removes his Mask [ENG SUB]

Pink Guard Removes his Mask – Squid Game Scene
Name of Actor: Lee Jeong Jun

Squid Game but it’s Discord

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  1. The Front Man's double standards :
    "Once they find out who you are, you die." (to the guards)
    "Once they find out who I am, THEY die." (i.e. Jun-ho)

  2. I mean, if he didn't have room temperature IQ, he could have put the piece back together and it wont show any crack, which would fool the guard into thinking he passed.
    Or he can show the guard the cookie by putting the piece back together and holding it on the broken part to hide the crack, fooling the guard.

  3. the guy who found out who he was is dead… 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️💀

  4. whats the name of the background music?

  5. Why can't you just kill the damn Front Man???

  6. That didn’t make sense if he died how would he spread the news

  7. Square guard is so freaking handsome I wish he had more screen time 🙁

  8. This is what ill do when someone thinks he's more higher then Me in roblox Even tho im more higher then them and calls me a Nooby 2:08

    0:26 Me when killing an enemy

  9. Don't you all get it? The android phones have same symbols as the ones seen in the Squid Game.

  10. Finally people are late but not too late to i have a crush on the square guard since i have it from episode 3 (Please if anybody know his names and any dramas of him pls tell me, i want to watch more his sence if he did.)

  11. I consider Squid Games is a mini-massacre but more horrible than that.

  12. plot twist: the front man also went to SNU

  13. I literally paused the show as soon as he came on screen and frangirled with my sister and were like new favorite!!! And then he was shot right after that. Pain.

  14. If anyone I know watches this shitshow, I want to know who it is to keep them far, far away. You have to be kinda twisted inside to find this entertaining.

  15. Damn people are really overrating this show in these comments

  16. I never realized that the front man was storm shadow from gi joe

  17. The sad thing is that he would die neither way, if he didn’t take off his mask, the player would shoot, since he did take off his mask, the front man shot him.

  18. Guard: emotionless death glare
    Player 119: dies of pity
    My friends: SLAY WHATCHA WANNA SLAYY…literally…-
    Me: Welp, this is ironic.

  19. Squid game front man, pink soldiers like star wars.

  20. Ποπο παναγια τι σειρες βγαζουμε😨😨

  21. They didnt do anything to him . The funny thing about this show is it expects you to fill in so much for urself when half the mask guys are just there for money it wouldnt make sense for one guy to be broken mentally . The show is filled with plot holes like this but yall see blood and go WOW SO INNOVATIVE

  22. Fun fact: every square mask is either a kid to early teenager.
    The triangle mask is always a teenager who can withstand killing others.
    Last but not least, circles belong to the adults because they do major stuff like burning corpses and taking out organs to sell at the black market.

  23. At that time they could have killed the leader… they all have guns

  24. Bro commited reset character for the sake of the kid. What a nice dude.

  25. Taking your mask off is against the rules. If you do it, you will be eliminated.

  26. He was young yet got a square? That's mad impressive

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