Squid game guard mask triangle (Quick print/No supports)

The popularity of squid games is amazing! Fab365’s Front Man Mask is also very popular.
In particular, my design, which saves money and time without support, seems to have been well received by customers.
And there were a lot of requests to make face masks for facilitators.
We designed the squid game Guard mask according to the requests of these customers.


A design that does not require any support has been completed with a folding design like the front man mask.
Another feature is that the shape of the side is designed to follow the jaw line of the face, almost matching the shape of the real movie. And it’s comfortable to wear.
And for people like me who are not good at coloring, I made a square shape to make it easier to paint over it. If you use masking tape, you will be able to paint more neatly.

For more information, please refer to the Fab365 YouTube video.

Happy Halloween with this support-free, fast-printable squid game Guard mask.

Biggest part size x 168mm, y 167mm, z 110mm


  1. can you make the vip masks and server masks a file for your site? thank you.

  2. That is so interesting how you make that

  3. Looks like it needs to be scaled up it looks too small.

  4. Dam that’s to small for you

  5. cool is look like a real mask from squid game

  6. 😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯💯💯🤩

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