Squid Game Guard Ekuaz Studio 1/6 Scale Figure Unboxing & Review

Netflix Squid Game Guard by Ekuaz Studio 1/6 Scale Action Figure Unboxing and Review!

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DISCLAIMER: This is a 3rd Party Unlicensed figure. This is not a counterfeit item. This review represents my opinions on the product I added to my own collection. This is a review, not a promotional video.

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  1. Whoever made this better make dying light action figures. They should do dying light action figures of spike (dying light 2), aiden caldwell (also dying light 2), kyle crane (dying light 1), and the rest of the dying light characters

  2. Well executed figure! The box coffin was such a nice touch!

  3. In my option I think it should look a little more pink, but besides that it looks perfect!

  4. I wanted to see if the MP5 can also be slapped but that amount of detail is still incredible

  5. For some random info.Square: The Managers of the other guards in the team of however many.Triangle: They are the ones that carry the weapons mainly and they are the troops.The O guards: They keep watch and are helpers with games such as dalgona.

  6. Out of all the figures this might be my personal favourite

  7. Can you move the zipper? If so I’m suprised

  8. I really wanna start up a small little action figure collection in my room and if I end up doing it or no, for sure gonna buy this one. So awesome!

  9. You know you could army build a group of the square guys and the circle guys and the triangle guys

  10. How does this guy keep replying on his fans comments its been 4 months and his newest comment(for me 3 days ago which is before mine) had his reply

  11. These figs are so cool and realistic love ur content btw

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