Squid Game Guard Ekuaz Studio 1/6 Scale Figure Unboxing & Review

Netflix Squid Game Guard by Ekuaz Studio 1/6 Scale Action Figure Unboxing and Review!

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DISCLAIMER: This is a 3rd Party Unlicensed figure. This is not a counterfeit item. This review represents my opinions on the product I added to my own collection. This is a review, not a promotional video.

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  1. Justin how do I convince my mom to buy a 300 dollars toy like I did good in school but I just don’t know

  2. Next request young-hee go go wa

  3. Fantastic!!! Thank you for review!! Really love it

  4. i just realised how many times he says box in one video lol i love it though!

  5. Thats…. OMG THIS IS SOOO GOOD! Where can I get it?

  6. I can't believe they spent time making this honestly u have to give them credits

  7. pretty nice for a third party, the detail on this guy and his accessories are really great, especially for that amazing price! Over all love this guy, nice review as always Justin!

  8. The only problem is they made him red he's supposed to be pink I have seen alot of people and companies get it wrong by saying the characters where red or blue but really the colours were pink or mint green

  9. The suit shouldnt be that red l think they got the colors wrong

  10. they put a lot of effort in to that weapon that is so cool bro

  11. Now they need to make a 1/6th scale money heist jumpsuit figure. 🔥🔥🔥🍿🥤

  12. Toys Wonderland is sending mine via Hong Kong post. It has been 5 days since i received a tracking number, and it still states – Sender is preparing item for posting.. i will receive mine at some point ^_^

  13. This review convinced me to go ahead and pull the trigger. Thanks

  14. It looks so sick bro my favorite vids were the spider man unboxing but all your videos are good 🔥❤️

  15. Oh the box is great ! I wouldn't even think about it if i had to design it but it's brilliant when you saw the show.

  16. It's beautiful! Mine should be arriving next week!

  17. A part of me would’ve liked it to also come with an apron as well (to depict the organ harvesters for example), but that just me wanting more variety options.

  18. Today I order this before your watching your video

  19. Great video Justin!!! I have 3 of these on their way to me. Does the 1/6 scale coffin fit inside a detolf??? Thanks.

  20. I completely forgot about this figure 💀
    Imagine getting a 1/6 Kim Jong Un figure and lining them up with these soldiers

  21. I really couldn’t think of a joke for this figure 😂

  22. I still think the show is overrated but this figure looks great

  23. Love your videos man, just started watching a few weeks ago, but you’re the reason I ordered my first hot toy!

  24. You can buy three more so you have one unmasked too

  25. Thanks for the review Justin. This one looks better than the MTP one to me. I'm gonna get this one.

  26. How much are they actually
    I really want one

  27. They need to make a figure of the front man. I need that in my life

  28. 1:42 I saw something on the figure, were they them things you can use to move the eye balls in different positions?

  29. 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Figure looks great! Definitely was interested in this one and it looks prefect, except the color is a bit off. I think they're a little more pink in the show but is covered by the lighting to look like a brighter red. That being said, it looks like a 9/10 regardless Ekuaz Studio seems to know what they were doing with this one. Props to them for adding good variety and all the little details they did include in this figure.

  31. I did see a Present Toys 1:6 Scale Scarface Figure on Toys Wonderland I was curious about. I'm a big fan of Scarface and Tony Montana, so I hope that perhaps catches your eye when it releases, as I would love to see a review on it. A big limit I see with it is the eyes seem to be fixed looking to the right but I do want to see how Tony looks in 1/6 scale nonetheless, as the only ones I have seen are older figures.

  32. They did a great job with his figure!

  33. First off, I won't be buying this figure. But the review was spot on and enjoyable.
    The best part: the hands for the price point of the figure. Glad you love this one Justin.

  34. Sir where did you bring hot toys love you from india 🇮🇳🇮🇳

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