Squid Game Frontman Lights Out! Santa Guard Lights Out Game! Red Light Green Light On Roblox

In the roblox squid game Red Light, Green Light there is a Christmas update with new outfits fir the Frontman and the Squid game guards. I play as The Frontman using the Be A Host gamepass. The video begins after one of the Guards wearing a Santa hat pays robux to start a round of Lights Out. During Lights Out the players can get eliminated 8n the darkness before the next squid game round begins. There are lots of bodies on the floor and even some victims in the bathroom. A pig wearing a guard outfit also perishes. After the Lights Out ends then Tug of War is played and Marbles. No one survives on glass floor so I get my Frontman jackpot earlier. Then I go into a second game where I am playing as a guard with the new Christmas guard update Santa hat squid game guard outfit. In this game someone starts Lights Out so this time I play Lights Out in roblox squid game as a guard and can put the bodies in coffins. I also win the Guard Jackpot at the end. Revive the classics: Play the hobbit game cube game online anytime, anywhere.  #robloxsquidgame #redlightgreenlightChristmas #squidgamelightsout #redlightgreenlightlightsout #redlightgreenlight #robloxredlightgreenlight #squidgame #squidgames #squidgamefrontman #redlightgreenlightfrontman #redlightgreenlight2xprize #redlightgreenlightsantaguard #redlightgreenlightChristmasupdate #redlightgreenlightupdate #redlightgreenlightnewoutfits

Intro Song – “My Heart” by Different Heaven & EH!DE
Outro Song – “Rock Angel” by Joakim Karud


  1. Is the light's out gamepass is permanent?

  2. i like to being frontman,if we play low server we will have free money or if no have so we ask friend help.This just like game give free money(ask your friend die in 1st game,i think die in start not count)

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