Squid Game Frontman Guns In Red Light, Green Light Game Update!

The roblox squid game Red Light Green Light Update now lets the Frontman pull out a gun while hosting the squid games. I have purchased the sniper rifle from the shop and the Gold SMG. Since I bought the Frontman gamepass then I can choose to be the Frontman for a game and try out the guns. I scope out some squid game contestants with the sniper rifle before the Red Light Green Light Game starts and then while I control the timing of the Red Light Green Light Game as the Frontman I also use my Gold SMG to shoot at squid game players that moved during the Red Light Green Light Game. There are bodies on the ground and then suddenly they all get put into coffins even though no guard appears to be around. In the Honeycomb game the same thing happens where a squid game ghost guard puts a body of someone that broke a cookie into a coffin. The Squid Game Frontman can burn coffins. Guards can bet on a team in Tug of War. One of my guards in this game loses the Tug of War Bet. The marbles game has been updated in the Red Light Green Light Game on roblox and players can now choose between two different game modes. After marbles I go to the VIP box where the Frontman can turn the lights on and off during the glass bridge game. Someone appears to be hacking and there is an easy path to Victory on the glass floor. The wrong tiles break and leave just the correct glass floor tiles to jump on. My squid game guard Yoriichi wants to know how this happened in the glass floor game. The final game is Squid Game and the Frontman watches as the players battle to the death before the Frontman wins money. #redlightgreenlightfrontmanupdate #redlightgreenlightfrontmanguns #redlightgreenlightsnipersupdate #redlightgreenlightsquidgame #squidgame #redlightgreenlight #redlightgreenlightgameupdate #robloxredlightgreenlight #robloxredlightgreenlightgame #squidgamefrontman #robloxsquidgame #frontmangoldengun #redlightgreenlightghostguard #redlightgreenlighthacking #redlightgreenlightglassfloorhack

Intro Song – “My Heart” by Different Heaven & EH!DE
Outro Song – “Rock Angel” by Joakim Karud


  1. Imagine you can do a suicidal kill on glass Bridge but it cost robux

  2. how can i be frontman for free? i saw a person with no robux get it

  3. Being As A Frontman Is Cool I Wasted Of My Money

  4. i wanted to see the full coffin burning animation ;-;

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