Squid Game Frontman Coffin Update! Winning As A Guard And Lights Out in Roblox Red Light Green Light

In the roblox squid game Red Light Green Light update the Frontman can now burn coffins. I play this round as a guard for The Frontman. Guards can earn cash by putting eliminated players in coffins. Guards also compete against other guards for in game cash. The Frontman begins to burn coffins during the Red Light Green Light Game. There is a VIP gold mask player that wants other players to team with him. The Frontman does not want players teaming but the VIP player starts talking back and doesn’t think he has to listen yo the Frontman. I decide to buy Lights Out but it is too close to the start of the Honeycomb game so the players compete in Honeycomb and then as soon as they return to the lobby the lights go out. I put some eliminated players in the coffins and the VIP hold mask players hide in the bathroom. I go in the bathroom but am unable to push or eliminate the VIP player. After Lights Out there are only 4 surviving players and after Tug of War the final 2 players, both VIP gold mask players, face off in marbles. One squid game guard dies during marbles and I put the squid game guard in the coffin. The VIP gold deer mask player wins and has to fo the glass bridge game alone. The Frontman has new abilities during the glass floor game. After the last player is eliminated I win my squid game guard jackpot. #redlightgreenlightbigupdate #robloxsquidgameCoffin #redlightgreenlightfrontman #robloxredlightgreenlight #redlightgreenlightupdate #redlightgreenlightguard #squidgameguard #redlightgreenlightLightsOut #squidgame #redlightgreenlightburningcoffins #robloxsquidgame #frontmanburningcoffins #redlightgreenlightguardgamepass #redlightgreenlightfrontmangamepass

Intro Song – “My Heart” by Different Heaven & EH!DE
Outro Song – “Rock Angel” by Joakim Karud


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