Squid Game DIYS! Pink Guard Plushie, How to Make Dalgona Honeycomb Candy

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After binging all 9 episodes of Squid Game in a few days, I had to make some DIYs inspired by the series! A pink guard plushie was the obvious choice as it works so well with only 2 colours. Then I tried making dalgona honeycomb which is a bit harder than it looks. There are plenty of fail videos online where the mixture is completely brown and burned. You need to take the pan off the heat as soon as the baking soda is added otherwise it will burn extremely quickly. The final steps are just down to timing and this can also differ depending the equipment you’re using.
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  1. As a Korean who frequently makes Dalgona, I recommend using a ladle instead of a pan for your sugar. A big surface area takes up too much time to mix and cools the sugar faster.

  2. In squid game, its very obvious that all the games are normal childrens’ games but different

  3. Can you Make the doll Thats in the first episode please im beging you to Make one

  4. This series scares me so much but I will make an exception for that plushie because its super cute!

  5. Another tip for dalgona! If u don’t have parchment paper tin foil works great ! Just make sure to oil it first, you can do the same to the cookie cutter so it doesn’t stick as much !

  6. Can u please make player 067 plush please?

  7. The real question is which tastes better

  8. I always love your plush tutorials, I make them for family all the time. I even figured out how to make a reversible octopus plush using all the techniques I learned from your vids.

  9. That plushie gonna make me act up mans double cheeked UP

  10. Dang the square guard is tryna distract me with HIS GIANT DUMPY BUMPY CAKED CHEEKS

  11. I literally skipped to 0:23 randomly, and I never felt so weirded out

  12. If i can make a tiny wolf out of socks rhen i can make this

  13. thank yiu so much i love the lil plush :] might even make my own!!

  14. Make a cookie run plush! maybe espresso cookie?

  15. Maqaroon I only have one pink sock because I used the other for your among us crewmate plush
    Would it be possible to make it with one sock? Thx

  16. "i know it looks like a crewmate right now"
    people that havent heard of among us: what is a crewmate?

  17. Damn, that plushie got cake 😳😳😳

  18. THIS WAS AWSOME! Love the show! GREAT JOB!! i remember i made your among us plushie!

  19. LOL after u said “ u can make with just 3 socks “

  20. I may not know much about sewing but I’m willing to learn every method necessary to make that plushie

  21. This is really cute but I’m afraid my mom won’t let me even though I know how to sew
    ( probably because I am underage to have money 😭 )

  22. You were part of my childhood, and I’m so glad you’re still making videos! I picked up Neko Atsune again and was reminded of the felting video where you made Peaches and Tubbs, so I went looking and found you still making content! I’m so glad you’re thriving still, and even though your ideas are different there’s still the same feel of home while watching. ❤️

  23. You could make pretty much and human or human shaped creature with that plush design

  24. Oh no did you lose your voice? It sounds like it hurts you to talk

  25. that plushie hella thicc😩

  26. Make the red light yellow light doll.

  27. No one:
    The entire comment section: boi that guard dummy thick 😳👌

  28. Wait… Kaiser Natron? Gelbzucker? Backzucker? are you from Germany?

  29. The square guard plushie os so cuteee and squishy

  30. Trashon Plushie now in $10.999 peso


  32. I just got a Netflix ad about the squid game for this video XDD

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