Squid Game costumes: Where to buy a red guard suit or green player getup

The Netflix hit is more of a trick than a treat for the characters, but you may see their striking red and green outfits on Halloween.
Netflix hit Squid Game is disturbing in its bloody violence, but there’s no denying the nine-episode show is beautifully shot. There’s the unnerving Red Light, Green Light robot girl; pastel-candy-colored stairways in the building where the doomed contestants live; and, of course, the striking costumes: red for most of the guards, green for the contestants, and a striking Darth Vader-like dark metal look for the mysterious Front Man.

And with Squid Game set to become Netflix’s most-popular non-English show — and maybe its most popular show ever — it’s likely you’ll see those distinctive outfits at Halloween parties and events come late October.

“The Squid Game staff uniform is going to be the #1 Halloween costume this year in Korea,” one viewer tweeted.
“Found my halloween costume #SquidGame,” two viewer tweeted.
“Hear me out, being one of these mfs for halloween would be so dope #SquidGameCostumes,” there viewer tweeted.
“Eric is asking if he should dress up as the robot who plays “red light green light” from Squid Game for Halloween ,” four viewer tweeted.
If you want to dress up as a Squid Game character, the good news is the costumes aren’t complicated. You can certainly assemble your own, and if you don’t have the time to do that, online stores are already selling completed versions.
Squid Game contestant costumes
The contestants essentially wear white T-shirts under green track suits with white trim. They’re recognizable as Squid Game characters and not just joggers thanks to a three-digit white number (between 001 and 456) on their backs and on the left side of the front of the jackets, as well as on their shirts.
It’s not tough to make that costume yourself. Google “green track suit” and you’re off to the Red Light, Green Light races. Don’t forget the numbers — you can grab some fabric and make number patches that will last, or for a one-night party, just cut the numbers out of paper and glue, tape or pin them in the right spots.

Pick your number carefully. Seong Gi-hun, the closest thing the show has to a hero, is No. 456. Crafty Cho Sang-woo, the pride of his hometown, is No. 218. Elderly Oh Il-nam is No. 001, scrappy North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok is No. 067, and brutal gangster Jang Deok-su is No. 101 — for him, you’ll want to get your artist friend to draw a snake tattoo on your face.

And if you’re going to a frat party and want the easy laugh, maybe you’ll choose No. 069, the desperate and unnamed husband who’s playing the deadly game with his wife — the dirty joke hidden in his number gets at least one rich patron to bet on him to win.

If you like props, a sack of marbles, used in one of the games, might be a fun addition. And don’t forget to load up on fake blood and smear it in various spots, as none of the contestants make it through unscathed.

You can buy the costume if you don’t have time to put it together from various sources. The major costume manufacturers aren’t going to have time to put them together for sale, but cosplay and artist sites are already offering them.

SPCosplay is selling the track suit on Amazon for $48 (£35, AU$66). XOCostume has it for $66 (£48, AU$91). Warning: There are many other sellers, but whomever you choose, you’re going to want to check on delivery dates — Halloween is coming up, and some sites ship from Asia, which lengthens delivery time. Also verify whether the suit is sold in Asian clothing sizes, which are smaller than US sizes.

Squid Game guard costumes
Honestly, the red-clad guards have cooler costumes than the competitors in track suits. They wear red hooded jumpsuits that zip up the front, with black belts. No numbers for them, but they do wear freakish black face masks with either a triangle, circle or square on the front. And they carry threateningly large weapons.
This costume’s a little trickier to make on your own, but still very doable. Search on red jumpsuit (though a tracksuit would do in a pitch, as long as it has a hood). The best way to make the face mask is probably to acquire a fencing mask, but also, some costume stores sell something they call a ghoul’s mask or an invisible man mask, black cloth that’s meant to completely hide your face. You can apply your own triangle or other shape easily enough with white tape.

If you’re buying the costume complete, same caveats as above apply — look carefully at sizing and delivery dates. XOCostume sells the Squid Game staff outfit for $56 (£41, AU$77), and Etsy sellers are also on the bandwagon — here’s one for $50 (£36, AU$69).
Squid Game Front Man costume


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  8. Do you guys know if the Amazon costumes are legit?

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  16. Heres a little tip for DIY squid game guard costume: If you dont have the money for the tracksuit or dont trust any sites, then what you can do is get a fuschia colored hoodie and sweat pants, some boots, belt and black gloves. For the mask, you can DIY it with sum tutorials that they have on youtube, hope this helped! :]

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