Squid Game – Behind-the-Scenes On Set

Here’s what Squid Game looked like behind the scenes as they filmed the series.


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Squid Game – Behind-the-Scenes On Set

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. I am sorry to say that the villain has to sacrifice his mental and physical stability & fitness to entertain Netflix subscribers.

  2. what acting! player 456 has an amazing skill to act ..


  4. They truly underwent a real squid game

  5. الكوريين الجنوبين ❤❤❤ابدعوا ابداع ماله حدود في الدراما

  6. Awesome show just hope the new series delivers. Not this 'Challenge gimmick'.

  7. Namsooon ! Why are u here? 😅
    You should be strong at tug of war bcuz you're the strong girl namsoon. XD

  8. Looks like they had better time filming the fake one than the real one

  9. I watched this movie in german, it just feels so interesting to hear them all speak Korean. Most importantly seeing series villains be cool and laughing with one another.

  10. Inside hall😮😮😮😮 bts 😅😅😅😅😅

  11. Que série top, muito ancioso pela segunda temporada!

  12. 2:12 i could never pull off what she did there, hell of an actress

  13. Squid Game is a very rewatchable series in my opinion

  14. I wonder who made the behind the scenes of V/H/S

  15. ‘ Ohhh how I love them for this show they’ve created ♥️. Y’all definitely have my heart 😂❤!

  16. It's wild to see behind the scenes for any movie or show after seeing the finished product.

  17. I had to find the bts because this show is top notch psychological torture.

  18. This is so relieving to watch. Squid game handa lasting effect on me 😭

  19. Asian Series are so underrated. The crazy idea of the stories (could be an anime/manga as well) but bringing that idea to life so it's believable – thats an art. Also the quality of them is like there are no limits. I am at a point where I only watch netflix for mostly asian series. They are just mangas but as Netflix original and thats crazy.

  20. such incredible acting, thank you everyone from this show. i wanna see more from these actors one day

  21. the way i would have laughed every time i act

  22. После стольких лет ?


  23. Gihun: solve di umbrella in 10 minutes
    Reality: 10 hours

  24. I swear if someone says wHy yoU pUt BtS

  25. the behind the scenes of squid game was fun to watch but when is season 2 coming out ??

  26. Can you change in glass bridge and marbles with seong gi huns number into player 456 not 001? 11:07

  27. Entertainment industry is a soft power of any country and South Korea showed us❤ I hope season 2 will also be exciting as well was season 1

  28. Amazing how no one ever seems to mess up or break character – that's professionalism right there!

  29. funny how such a short moment in the series was so difficult to film (them turning away from the shattering bridge)

  30. thanks so much for this, though I would have loved to see even more – especially the filming of the night fight (that seemed to be one of the most complex scenes in the entire series)

  31. i Recently watched all squid game episodes without taking break and when main characters died im getting emotional and thought that I lost someone in my life 💔 all Actors doing an incredible job 👏👏👏

  32. So much talent in Korean film production.

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