SQUID GAME [ASMR] – Ekuaz Studio 1:6 Scale The Squid Guard Unboxing – SOFT SPOKEN

Enjoy the sights & sounds of cracking open another new 3rd Party figure.

Bit of a left-field entry to the collection here! Much like the rest of the entire world, I really loved the Squid Game series on Netflix. It was a brilliant piece of fresh entertainment that I think deserved all the praise it received.

Straight out of the show we have a 1/6 figure of one of the guards/henchmen/soldiers that ran the games. And boy what a figure! For being from a 3rd party company I’ve never heard of, the detail here is wonderful! As I mention in the video the boots are next level! An all-around great figure that I highly recommend you pick up if you are a fan of the show.

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Ekuaz Studio 1:6 Scale The Game Guard

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