SQUID GAME All The CLUES You Missed! & Ending Explained!

Squid Game’s every single HIDDEN detail! With the ending explained!

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  1. there were two people that were killed offscrean during the marbles game. ali, and 001

  2. 3:40
    Thats wrong, we can Clearly see green lines around him.
    So that is a wrong fact.

    Also, Ali too was an offscreen death, so another false fact.

  3. I love how ppl commenting what details they've noticed in Squid Game

  4. I was literally crying after watching squid game and ali's death was especially sad

  5. At the beginning of the squid game when the main character bet money for horse racing, horse number 8 and 6 were fighting for a first place and it seemed like horse 8 will win but horse 6 reversed the situation and won the race. These horses symbolize both gi hoon and song woo who had number 45(6)and 21(8). And on the last round of their fight sang woo who had last number 8 was winning the game but gi hoon with last number 6 eventually won like horse racing

  6. Well, not really 456 actors, bc the guards are actors to and vips, front man, baisicly everyone shown on camera, accept gi-hun's dadughter

  7. bruh is no one gonna talk about the thumbnail you can litearly see the red hoodie from the solider

  8. The way she pronounces the names and even misspells them in English …
    Also, 2:17 I don't remember them playing the "honey cum" game, lul.

  9. For the marbles game, there was an odd number and high possibility that they would not choose the old man because he appeared weak. Even if he was not chosen, he would be safe, same with the loud woman.

  10. il-nam (the old man) isnt the only one whos death was foreshadowed, ali's death was to

  11. What if in the red and Green light Game time it's is Dead

  12. And this is nothing to do with the video but I can write Korean

  13. I think the creator gave the winner his jacket is a easter egg


  15. Here’s one I just saw, there’s a triangle on his forehead at 6:22, same as the shape of the leaders behind the mask

  16. My dudes he has the same phone as me I'm watching on it right now I have a Samsung phone and that's a Samsung phone

  17. I want everyone to look closely at the phone and that's what my phone looks like from the

  18. Escher is not where it really came from though. It’s from a weird real life piece of architecture….

  19. Top comments: Sentences
    Newest: lol honey c-

  20. There’s one Secret that they missed
    Check Below here to see the secret

    The Secret is that if u go to the red light green light show u can see one of the Guards next to the doll there mask is a Pause button but then it goes away if ur Not Quick Enough

  21. When ali dies but he didn't die, because it was a sound effect,

  22. 6:24 the thing about this entire scene contradicted the rest of the show

    the doctor who was harvesting organs for the masked reds was killed due to cheating
    and that the place was meant to be equal for all the players who faced unfair predicaments in the outside world.
    but then they had a night where someone wasnt able to eat, therefore getting him killed. which was not fair
    then having the night of the players killing each other. which was also not fair for most of them.
    especially when they found deoksu with the knife, (which is cheating btw)

    thank u for listening to my ted talk

  23. He does have green around him on the tracker how can she not see that😭

  24. Girl did you just say The HoneyCum game, the glass hopping one, and the three at the table? 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Am I crazy or did the players wear green (not blue) and the employees wore pink (not red).

  26. Red light green light girl definitely tracked the old man. There’s green all around him………. Bot videos, awesome

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