Silky Reacts To TrapGeek “The Bronx Burning: RICO’s for the Drillers”

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  1. silkys chat should’ve kept blurred full of dd osama and kay flock ds

  2. Shooting a pigeon in a city with a pistol and no license is not hunting gangSorry for my english im not from america

  3. in the city of newyork shooting a pigeon “isn’t that hunting” bro is fuckn braindead 😭😭

  4. Silky getting me tight with these replays😀

  5. Silky is the definition of DS 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  6. Sliky is back home with Mario I see 🤣🤣

  7. chat dumb asf they did throw a rock at the bird

  8. React to talk of the town by kha structure

  9. Lmao funny how the video starts by saying “the Bronx was a driving community” like back in the 1800s now they don’t care about the Bronx is the worst place in NY and they do nothing too help people out there. 99% of people in the Bronx are poor/homeless and then they expect they kids to go out and not start wilding out

  10. Stop skipping the video back and fourth you getting me tight silky tf wrong with you

  11. He said make him get jiggy before we shoot him you hurd

  12. Nah first I don’t get how they Finna ban a whole style of music like what? And then that dthang shit 🤣 bro really caught a charge of animal cruelty for dissin a pigeon then flockin it 😂

  13. Why trap geek sound so gassed in some parts 😂 like he narrating and watching march madness

  14. So weird they making this drill shit a game by recording and joking on everything.

  15. animal abuse is ultimate goofy, keep em locked up

  16. trap geek don't be knowing anything. they did not shoot the pigeon

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