She Might Actually Be Worse Than Jack Doherty..

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  1. If there’s anything you’d like me to cover in a future video reply to this comment.

  2. does she have actual candy in the back tho? 💀

  3. Kidnapping is not a prank but when you have two brain cells, it is like these people

  4. kidnapping people for a prank is a crazy decision

  5. no idea who you are, but you popped up on my main page, but nice video 🙂

  6. oh no another idiot on the internet 2024 should be better oh yeah do you know what the game is again?

  7. also if no one watches your videos I will because they are hella entertaining

  8. I don’t think that she even has a father –

  9. Who would think kidnapping is a good idea

  10. "it's a social experiment."
    Your father was a social experiment

  11. They should both be with each other they are perfect for each other

  12. Baylen Levine actually knows how to actually stop

  13. This is what happens when 2 different drugs have a baby.

  14. I just don't understand how they can live a luxury richg when other people suffer!

  15. People are hating on jaiden animation because talking shit about jesus and you think its normaal you cant even talk kid 😂😂

  16. W vid bro keep it up man u make amazing content

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