Roblox Squid Game Guard Avatar Edit #shorts #roblox

Roblox Squid Game Guard Avatar Edit! #shorts #roblox


  1. I’m gonna give it a 9 out of 10 bc it’s kina cool but don’t hurt me 😅

  2. Idc about the video
    I'm just here to vibe to the music

  3. Wow cool idk I think it's so cool is it free?

  4. Finally not a emo or ro gansgter or slender or cnp or softie, finally a normal roblox tiktok

  5. The reason why this is a waste of robux is because when no one cares about squid game those items will be sitting on your inventory forever

  6. I really like the edit! Good job!

  7. Meu Deus faz tempo que eu não vejo essa música agora e 1 mês para esquecer dela

  8. How do you not her get hatets bc i always do

  9. 👻🧟‍♀️🕷🍂🕸🥀

  10. And the hoodie so good the new squid game oufit

  11. No widzę gułarDś to jest słit game

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