Roblox Squid Game!! but as a GUARD😵!

im THE WORST guard on ROBLOX Squid Game!!🥲


▶Music provided by the talented
▶Gloh Da Kidd :
▶LCS Beats:
▶Pleur beats:

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  1. 😂😂 I come over here to get a laugh off

  2. play “KNOCKOUT!” it’s a boxing game made by the person that made rb world 3 and you should play football fusion 2

  3. when are we gonna get a new dribble moves vid for 6’5 players

  4. You can play with right stick go in a game and tap left stick then you can play with right stick

  5. post some call of duty on this channel please rebirth

  6. You should play hoops life it’s a basketball game it really good you should try it out

  7. wayne rb world 4 came out in beta tryy it out

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