Q&A Livestream – December 24, 2023

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  1. 1:47:10 do you have a source that you can share that Walksnail will never add analog DVR to the Goggle X, or are you just talking out of your pessimism?

  2. I prefer a smaller FOV say between 35 and 45. Really helps me, as well as others, focus on what's coming my way.

  3. Skyzone 04X are the best analogue goggles IMO. Especially with Steadyview X. I love them. Tried every analogue goggle on the market and own HD Zeros as well.

  4. Ya i find the swift stuff to be childish insanity (how people behave about it that is) but definitely agree on her putting serious work in. The thing about Tate, hes not in prison and it look like he was involved in shady things but not even close to the level they claim. Its fairly clear hes being hit due to polotics more than anything else and its the primary reason for my interest in his life. Ultimately its a question of your own values and charecter, do you hate him and not care if hes being railroaded or can you hate him but see the danger and moral crime being brought against him and his brother. But ya FPV is cool. lmao love ya guys merry Christmas, I had a strange issue with DJI O3 that i need to make a video on and send a link so if you mention the issue you can help prevent it for others.

  5. The "cant hit the ground at 0" comment feels like he was having trouble with ground effect suddenly making his idle have enough lift to hover.

  6. 33:36 I wonder if simulator feel also depends on computer especially if it's lower end and can't quite handle all the physics
    I also remember trying Liftoff in narrower screen aspect ratio (to save some pixels cuz it was on the edge of flyable 24-35fps) but then drone felt drifty and would be harder to take corners

    So maybe it would be interesting not only to test different simulator but to test same simulator on different computer setups.

  7. How can i miss it lol smh bloody kids hahah merry christmas all!!!

  8. Get rid of that fucking music, it’s crap!!

  9. @JoshuaBardwell Happy holidays sir. I think something is wonky with the patron only vid you posted. It still shows as locked out for us $2 peasants and wants us to upgrade to 5/ month.

  10. I think you should get a drone that is in the simulators. Fly the simulator then the drone. Then a different drone fly the drone then the simulator.

  11. Is that ground effect? Where the quad is catching itself.

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