“Prison Solution” concept to story diorama | Beyond the Blight

We’re traveling back to the Ekra Dominion with this build, and doing yet more kit bashing, scratch building, a touch of 3D printing, and tons of sculpting and painting. Oh, and I hope you enjoy the story! Where in Aegis should we go next?

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Tamiya TAM35055 1/35 US M41 Walker Bulldog Tank Model:
Starbond CA glue (superglue + fine nozzles):
XPS foam:
Sculpey air dry clay
Sargent Art polymer clay
Tacky Glue:
UV resin:
CA glue accelerant:
Anycubic Water Washable Resin:
Elegy Water Washable Resin:
Heat Shrink Tubing:
Tombow brush pens:
STA water resistant ink pens:

Shinan Professional Watercolors:
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Fantasty colors):
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Assorted colors):
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Earthtone colors):
Citadel Technical Paints and Shades:

TOOLS I use:
Dremel rotary tool:
Miter saw & box:
Miniature painting brushes:
Hot wire cutter (that may or may not arrive on time):
Leather hole punch
Fujiwara heat gun:
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro resin 3D printer:
Iwata Neo Gravity Feed airbrush:
Plastic cutting nippers:

00:00 Intro
00:56 Sketching
02:25 Coloring
03:18 The tram
10:45 The pylons
14:01 Sculpting the Karra-Sabbat (story)
15:56 Painting (story)
19:50 Sculpting & painting the wave (story)
24:14 The reveal

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  1. You just changed the way that I think about my obsession with models, how I look at my worldbuilding going forward, and just how I approach writing in general. Incredible. So glad I stumbled on your video.

  2. Just an FYI if you load your images in Cricut cutter and use a Deep cut blade you will get clean and detailed cut in your styrene. Also you can set how many passes you need to make score lines. Hope that helps?

  3. Do you even realize how good this is? The modeling and stories, just awesome!

  4. a captivating story and I love the final result!

  5. Started making my own builds and terrain. It's been purging me of a malaise that has been rough to shake. Man building my world and narrative is feeding something I've been craving and gosh does this vid combine everything that's been I enjoy most from this new endeavor. Like when you find a term to describe a sensations you couldn't describe

    All that to say holy cow, did I just smash a subscribe

  6. If ever you want to remove the "chrome plating" from plastic parts, put some bleach in a tub/jar and submerge the parts. It can take anywhere from 30mins to a few days depending on the type of chrome plating and strength of bleach

  7. Am I wrong or do I detect a hint of Asimov's Foundation in Mig's job?

  8. How are you doing those dolly timelapses? They look amazing!

  9. I have discovered your channel. I love it!
    But… Why say 'over and out' in the end…
    To say 'over' in an two-way radio conversion, is to let the other side know you are done talking, and the other is clear to do so. You expect a reply.
    When the conversation is closed, just 'out' is enough. You do not expect a reply.
    You can not use 'over' and 'out' to say you are closing the conversation.

  10. Tamiya Extra Thin Quick Setting
    Melts styrene instantly and the joint is rock solid after just a few seconds. I love that stuff.

  11. Do you invent these ideas yourself? I've read about social mathematics before.

  12. amazing work! We do not speak the same language, since I am Argentine. but I didn't want to stop congratulating you

  13. Another top notch build and fantastic story Eric!! I am so glad I stumbled upon your channel some weeks ago. I have been slowly making my way through the Beyond the Blight playlist and each one is better than the last. Heck, all of your skills improve with each video. 👍👏🙏

    I had an idea for a build, forgive me if you've done it already and I just haven't gotten to it yet. Show a city/village that has been taken over by the Blight and then left to rot. Mechs, droids and various animals are scattered around the scene in various stages of decomp.

    It could be at a temple that holds some unknown treasure so that a few "remote service" bots are there as well. Though the Blight has corrupted them as well, so that they are frozen in place. Just adding to the dark, lonely and eerie scene.

    Hope you like the idea, whether you build it or not, I just think it'd make for a really great diorama. Keep up the great work, I'm off to watch the next one!

  14. Your work is absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing 🤩🤙.

  15. You are having a sad moment and then the door hits you in the head.🤣🤣8:27 A consummate storyteller!

  16. What is your inspiration for Beyon the Blight? How did you come up with the idea? Beyond the Blight is amazing and I am super invested in it lol you are an amazing crafter and storyteller

  17. If you want to save yourself some hearache, look into a used Dremel Workstation, the collar fits all general adapter threads and it's a lot less hassle to cut stuff with a diamond wheel when you only need to move the work piece.

  18. Just awesome, all if it. I really enjoy your videos 👍🏻

  19. Fascinating watch. You have wonderful skills and being able to pick up and teach yourself Blender is admiral and speaks volumes about your determination and ability to learn these complex programs.
    Love how you have also challenged yourself to improve your drawing skills. All round a tremendous channel . Love it

  20. its amazing the storie and the desing, great job!

  21. I've started to make you a book from start to finish and i will put it under your name

  22. you are awesome and your storie telling is really great. your voice is very soothing and peaceful. thank you for inspiring me to get back to my artwork….

  23. this series along with boyleis wild imaginary west series has made me want to get into model building so i can tell my stories

  24. You’re extraordinarily talented and a pleasure to not only watch but listen to.

  25. been watching for about 4 episodes the time i write this, you are amazing my dude. absolutely amazing.

  26. Bro, just your rough sketch to build it I couldn’t even do

  27. What a great story, accompanied by an incredible build. I liked Mig’s story, even tho he sounded like a douchebag XD

  28. Ouch

    Thank you for the safety reminder

    And: I saw the door at 8:47 coming ahead of time…OUCH

  29. Here from North of the Border, ❤ your work is awesome, new subbie xx

  30. Wow! the quality of these videos and the builds keep getting better and better! Looking awesome mate!

  31. Love these. The timing of the music is absolutely spot on

  32. I always model things too small in Blender. They look so big when you zoom in 😂
    Great story and build 👍

  33. I have a question, a lot of the time the videos says premieres (insert time), but then there’s comments sayings they’ve seen the video, I just assumed everyone couldn’t see it until the timer was up, is there a reason for this?

  34. DAMN! Can i just say, i love your content so much. Ive been having a rough few weeks lately and i have a huge art project that i gotta finish by tomorrow and watching your videos always makes me smile. Point is, keep doing what you do (not that i see you stopping any time soon). hoping to see you rise to diamond-plaque status!

  35. Looking great, from just this picture I can tell this is going to be good!

  36. I have to thank you for all you have done for me,ive been wanting to build dioramas for a long time but i dident know where to start and especially with my budget limitations. But now thanks to you,i know the most obvious solutions to problems that i just couldent figure out,and i can finally start building the things i wanted to.Thank you.

  37. Thanks to you I’ve been able to convince my parents to let start collecting junk and making it into something amazing. Thank you for the inspiration.😁

  38. Another great build!! And as always love the short stories🥰

  39. Hey game try 2 of asking would it be possible to do a collab with Adam tiny nerdy things Adam ya kmow?

  40. wow. I'm working on my first book …..ever and your stories always get me in the mood to get to the next chapter of the story .
    I draw and have drawn all my characters but looking at your channel I think I'm going to try my hand at one of my mechs.

  41. super glad this channel is really starting to take off thanks again for sticking to it

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