“Prison Solution” concept to story diorama | Beyond the Blight

We’re traveling back to the Ekra Dominion with this build, and doing yet more kit bashing, scratch building, a touch of 3D printing, and tons of sculpting and painting. Oh, and I hope you enjoy the story! Where in Aegis should we go next?

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Tamiya TAM35055 1/35 US M41 Walker Bulldog Tank Model:
Starbond CA glue (superglue + fine nozzles):
XPS foam:
Sculpey air dry clay
Sargent Art polymer clay
Tacky Glue:
UV resin:
CA glue accelerant:
Anycubic Water Washable Resin:
Elegy Water Washable Resin:
Heat Shrink Tubing:
Tombow brush pens:
STA water resistant ink pens:

Shinan Professional Watercolors:
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Fantasty colors):
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Assorted colors):
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Earthtone colors):
Citadel Technical Paints and Shades:

TOOLS I use:
Dremel rotary tool:
Miter saw & box:
Miniature painting brushes:
Hot wire cutter (that may or may not arrive on time):
Leather hole punch
Fujiwara heat gun:
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro resin 3D printer:
Iwata Neo Gravity Feed airbrush:
Plastic cutting nippers:

00:00 Intro
00:56 Sketching
02:25 Coloring
03:18 The tram
10:45 The pylons
14:01 Sculpting the Karra-Sabbat (story)
15:56 Painting (story)
19:50 Sculpting & painting the wave (story)
24:14 The reveal

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  1. Looks awesome, but should've used double rail up there. With the single one, any stronger gust of wind will make the tram swing to the sides like a see-saw. Stronger ones could even push it far enough to dislodge it from the rail totally.

  2. The only thing i find more interesting then your builds are your amazing stories!

  3. man… what a story. The amount of effort behind this build is astonishing. The short story behind this diorma blew my mind. It's so witty, so layered, so… good! Man… what a talented writer and artist you are.

  4. If you ever do a QnA I was just wondering how long you've been doing this (both making models (and world building), and making videos) cos they're all such high quality

  5. I just absolutely love your kit-bashing and your world building is super inspire to me, I am actually writing a sci-fi comic with my brother. I mainly wanted to write this comment to congratulate your incredible imagination (after watching the majority of your videos it became impossible not to comment) but also to ask a question: do you think you would ever make a diorama of the Blight itself? I think it would be really cool if you made a diorama of an infected area perhaps even an origin ( I know part of the lore is that there is no known origin so obviously you don't need to but I do think that would be cool). If your familiar with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, they have certain sections of the map that have been infected with Gannon and I think taking a leaf out of their book might be a cool way to tackle this. Maybe a mech or piece of machinery that has been "rusted by the Blight," but again I know that perhaps part of the magic of your story is that we have never seen the Blight so you know best, obviously. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful content and keep up the great work, you are the best!!

  6. You have inspired me to pick my junk back up and start crafting, everything you make is so inspiring. Keep at it!

  7. Absolutely compelling, love the builds, and the story adds a level to the content that I have seen from very few. Keep up the excellent work. I have been a model builder for more than forty years and tip my hat to you sir. I await your next iteration.

  8. Wow such a high quality channel. Glad I subscribed!

    Your water looks great but have you considered using epoxy resin instead?

  9. Sorry my card expired for my Patreon, I updated it so it should be good for next month! Love your story!

  10. Outstanding build and excellent back story

  11. pausing at 3.17 to give you a tip before I resume watching:
    When you do perspective, draw the diagonals of your shapes to find the true center instead of eyeballing it, it'll make your life easier.

  12. Forget a book I want a movie.

    How many likes or subs would it take?

  13. Your skills are from another planet! Wonderful and imaginative; a pleasure to watch.

  14. Dremels….probably the scariest thing I own

  15. I generally stay away from kickstarters but I'd chip in if you happened to be publishing a book!

  16. Babe wake up a new beyond the blight just dropped

  17. man you should write a book, those storys are way to good for just videos, also loved the build :>

  18. This is one of the highest quality model making channels I've come across, and what got me into the whole genre on youtube. The sheer depth and originality of this world is a joy to witness. Especially now that you've started doing these short stories, I feel like I get lost in every video.

  19. Awesome 👏
    The story, the build, the editing, All superb!
    Curling up into a little ball in the corner because of the supports breaking…spot on 😂
    Though the door doesn’t usually hit me in the head….the dog sits on me instead 😝

  20. There's storytelling, then there's GB storytelling!

  21. gameyy = one man army
    drawing, diorama, story, video editing

  22. Is this just a regular thing or a DND thing (this would make an amazing DND story)

  23. I don’t know what I’m more into. The builds or the story. Amazing video yet again! I watched it early on patreon but had to watch it again for your YouTube watch time. 😊

  24. Was trial by combat not an option? Sounds like you can have them battle a giant monster that seems unlikely to lose and It would serve as prisoner population control and entertainment for the masses.

  25. For a split second i thought Gamey lost his finger .Untill he said it wasnt a saw like tool i was no longer worrid 🙂 love the videos Gamey keep it up.《♡》

  26. This turned out unbelievably cool, I don't think I've ever seen a build like this with a cable car- so awesome! Also, your stories are almost like listening to a really great audiobook every time haha, you definitely have the voice for it~

  27. hey man just wanted to ask what compressor do you use as i wasn't able to find any info on good compressors

  28. i also wanted to ask how do you ventilate the fumes out as i didnt see a painting box with an extractor fan

  29. I fell asleep listening to your nice voice. That means you‘ll get one more view from me so I can actually watch 😀

  30. Knowing that this was waiting to be watched after a horrible shift was the light at the end of an ugly tunnel. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have been looking forward to a new addition to this series and it was well worth the wait. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. I have only just found your channel this evening and after a few videos I knew I had to subscribe; with the quality of your art and its presentation I really think it is but a short time before this channel really explodes in popularity. Really cool worldbuilding I wish you great success.

  32. Everything about this was really amazing, good job👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  33. I have major OCD when it comes to non grid-perfect blender models.

  34. I just had an interesting thought – a crossover between Beyond the Blight and the Wild Imaginary West

  35. Wow, knocked it out of the park once again!!! You are such an impressive story teller… and of course artist.
    Also your level of attention to detail is mind boggling- adding baking soda and sanding just to close the gaps in the pylons..
    So thanks for another brilliant video.

    BTW, I was surprised to see you 3-d printing stuff- it's cool.. but there is def something more magical about you deconstructing toys and random bits of scrap and plastic. Like a treasure hunt.. revealing the element that you then turn; into the perfectly fitted fuel tank, vent, helmet or other element.
    It's one of the things I most love – going on this process of deconstruction and discovery with you! That, the stories and of course just watching the moment come to life in your hands.

    I kind of hope someone animates your short stories based on the character and set designs that accompany them. And if you were ever to write a novel on this world I would be rushing out to buy it!

  36. Hi! Bored Panda Studios is trying to contact you. We love your channel and want to offer you a paid partnership, please check your email!

  37. I may have only discovered your work today but both your model building and story building are exquisite, and I've gotten absolutely hooked on this world.

  38. Wonderful work! The world you'd building is wonderful and strange and I've enjoyed every piece thus far! Great storytelling with a good ending! Thanks again!

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