“Prison Solution” concept to story diorama | Beyond the Blight

We’re traveling back to the Ekra Dominion with this build, and doing yet more kit bashing, scratch building, a touch of 3D printing, and tons of sculpting and painting. Oh, and I hope you enjoy the story! Where in Aegis should we go next?

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Tamiya TAM35055 1/35 US M41 Walker Bulldog Tank Model:
Starbond CA glue (superglue + fine nozzles):
XPS foam:
Sculpey air dry clay
Sargent Art polymer clay
Tacky Glue:
UV resin:
CA glue accelerant:
Anycubic Water Washable Resin:
Elegy Water Washable Resin:
Heat Shrink Tubing:
Tombow brush pens:
STA water resistant ink pens:

Shinan Professional Watercolors:
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Fantasty colors):
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Assorted colors):
Vallejo Acrylic Model paint set (Earthtone colors):
Citadel Technical Paints and Shades:

TOOLS I use:
Dremel rotary tool:
Miter saw & box:
Miniature painting brushes:
Hot wire cutter (that may or may not arrive on time):
Leather hole punch
Fujiwara heat gun:
Elegoo Mars 2 Pro resin 3D printer:
Iwata Neo Gravity Feed airbrush:
Plastic cutting nippers:

00:00 Intro
00:56 Sketching
02:25 Coloring
03:18 The tram
10:45 The pylons
14:01 Sculpting the Karra-Sabbat (story)
15:56 Painting (story)
19:50 Sculpting & painting the wave (story)
24:14 The reveal

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  1. An excellent story. And an even more excellent model!

  2. Your dilemma with 3D shapes is something I struggle with too. I definitely do try, but I find my best medium for creating in 3D is just using Blender. It also helps most of my drawings are also concepts for a game I’m developing. Having everything already be a model by the time the creative process is done really helps.

  3. Yet another great build. Just out of interest, what made the hinges sturdy enough in the end? Did I miss something that you did to them?

    Also, congrats on the algorithm blessing. Happy to see that your content gets the exposure it deserves 🙂

  4. Amazing build and your worldbuilding is compelling. I'd love a sourcebook of your world for tabletop roleplay!

  5. It would have been better the marshmallow man instead of the Trex 😂

  6. I love this build, but I've got a completely different question:

    At around 16:05, when you start painting, there's a background shot of an awesome home-made cardboard airbrush holder. I'm stealing that for my own use, because I can't get behind buying on and I have too many cardboard boxes laying around. My question: I wonder if you already have it planned and documented somewhere, or if you stole it from someone else.

  7. I found you looking for scratch builds but you hooked me with this story and your amazing narrative voice. I would totally listen to a whole multi hour story about this world. Keep up the awesome work!!

  8. i love your videos, they are great to watch whilst I paint

  9. have i mentioned how much i like the language you made? is there any way i could see a link to a dictionary of it?

  10. Great work! Gets better every time

  11. I love a good story time.
    Maybe this could help your resin woes
    … Sunlu ABS like resin… a great, cheap and much more resilient resin than standard resins (obv I'm not sure what you are using now, so maybe redundant advice).

  12. Will you be making a book about the blight

  13. Although I’m not a big fan of the story telling aspect of your videos, I do really enjoy your imagination & art, keep it up.

  14. Impressive, unique and well balanced. I think you're probably the only one that could make an awesome The Fifth Element diorama.
    Impresionante, único y bien equilibrado. Creo que probablemente seas el único que podría hacer un asombroso diorama de El Quinto Elemento.

  15. With all these models you should start a stop motion series. 10/10 would watch. Could imagine quite the epic storyline with a similarity to Star Wars: The Mandalorian or Andor.

    Also liked the cinematics and music, along with the overall share of knowledge. Nice to see a good quality video from a good youtuber.

  16. Wow, posted my first comment before the story was finished, I was great.

  17. can I suggest that you release build videos and story videos separatley, Id rather have a full build video with an option to hear the story.

  18. I seriously should stop watching your videos before going to sleep, you make me want to get out of bed and start making things, but that would make me go to sleep at the time I need to wake up.

    Incredible work!!

  19. You don't say "Over and out"!! "Over" means you're waiting for a response, "out" means the conversation is complete and you're hanging up. You don't say both at the same time.

  20. Amazing storytelling and a cool diorama. Are you working on a game or novel based on Aegis? You got me hooked and wanting more.

  21. It is a pleasure to watch you work on your projects . Your building skills are great! Thank you for filming this video❤👏👏👏👏👏

  22. Imagine letting your Prince go over man eating squid waters without killing said squids in the water, a depth charge would do some serious work on them.

  23. Absolutely Amazing!!! So fun to watch thank you!!
    Did you use a 3d printer to print on the styrene?

  24. If you ever made a book with photos of your dioramas accompanied by these incredible stories then I would by the hell out of that.

  25. 4 for words, private detective robot fedora. Pleas make it

  26. Beautiful, especially appreciate what you did with the ocean!

  27. You should right a book a series of books maybe one book for each part of the timeline or something not just short story’s this is actually really creative I feel like it would prophet 😀

  28. I like the new editng style and narration, I would say that the music is sometimes a tad too loud- at least on my headphones, your voice gets mixed into the music and it's hard for me to understand you. Just putting the music just maybe 10-15% quieter would be better, but then again it could just be my headphone issues.

  29. As always epic and I love the world building side of it that draws you in to want to know more about this land after The Blight. If I had any real criticism it's that it looks more like a dump truck than a monorail, maybe more carriages would have helped but that's just my interpretation, you just keep doing what you do so well

  30. All of this universe need a video game adaptation at some point cause it's brilliant

  31. Recently had to get a huge chunk of my thumb stitched back on after my hand slipped cutting foam for a base letting my utility snap off knife slide quickly along the edge into my thumb to flay some off the digit, so I’m glad you didn’t need something similar! Square on and cutting through the tip, nail, and maybe even bone if it went deep enough wouldve def been er worthy, i at least only needed to get to a nearby urgent care 😅

    Hazards of the craft aside, wonderful diorama as always!

  32. This character sounds very similar to malconm from Jurassic park

  33. Sick channel! Sick idea! Well executed! Success inbound.

  34. I am really looking forward to the builds but I have to say, the stories are even more enjoyable.
    By the way. This is an island but so far no ships?

  35. If you put all the short stories together with joining bits it would make a fab audio book! Not only could I listen to you all day but the builds would be icing on the video cake!

  36. wonderful stuff my dude, you are killing it!

  37. Just found this channel. This looks awesome!

  38. What an awesome format – giving viewers an idea of what the twist will be at the beginning. Also making this short story easily understandable within the larger fictional worls

  39. I might be a little late, but I would like to say that this is an incredible video. Both the story and the model itself are of exceeding quality. You've got a new subscriber.

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