OMG what happened to Sankokushin?! At least Celestial is here!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Unidice
8:41 Tenebrae – Nightmares of Ylia
8:59 Sankokushin postponed indefinitely
12:41 Celestial huge update


  1. Sankokushin situation is bad, makes them seem really incompetent and I now doubt they have the skills to run the campaign if they ever do attempt it

  2. I pledged the unidice when I first saw it. Lovely gimmick and it could have potential in some games. But then I reminded myself that I play board games to escape from the digital world and embrace the discomfort that you sometimes have while rolling dice. It's part of the game.It's the same as using a virtual die on your phone. Some people use it. I really think it takes the magic away.Realizing this I canceled my pledge for the unidice

  3. People who blame Axis Mundi (creators of Sankokushin) don't realize that we're living in far from perfect world. Imagine living in a normal and peaceful town for 8 months under constant bombardments here and there (like in 3+ km from your own house), with salt water in system instead of a normal one because russians destroyed tubes with their missiles, intentionally leaving thousands of people without normal water for years to come. Not including electricity outages because rockets destroy infrastructure. Imagined? I guess not. But it's the reality of my life, a Ukrainian by heart and passport, from Mykolaiv. Last years of my life were taken away by Covid and russian occupation. And one of Axis Mundi members experienced same as million of Ukrainians nowadays, who fight for their homeland and freedom, with a help of western countries like US, EU etc. I waited for this Kickstarter so long and I'm also very disappointed, BUT I don't lose hope for them and their project. Most people here never lived under pressure like what we experience now. And Axis Mundi did the best decision they could – they intentionally delayed Kickstarter to make a better game and they didn't took your money in the first place. They need to help their close ones overcome difficulties. And remember – their team is basically 3 people, one of them is Ukrainian artist. Instead of losing hope in them – support them, do your best to see deeper than an eye can see and you will understand that all what is done is done for good. They will deliver an amazing product as they always did.

  4. I've said it several times before, their constant pushing back the campaign and failing even aproximate dates for their updates…has made me progressively loose trust on Axis Mundi's capacity to deliver Sankokushin after a campaign without several years delay. I was already hesitant to jump in because of that feeling…now I don't know if the hype and FOMO will ever return

  5. Here are the first three comments under the latest (February) update on Dawn of Madness:
    1) Hey Byron, how about an update on my refund? We agreed to one almost two months ago. Still no refund or even an ETA to when you're going to get around to processing it. The VERY least you and your team could do is commit to an ETA for that refund.

    2) I feel so scammed out of money. I get the covid thing and delays. But blatantly ignoring emails and messages about refunds shows that this was a scam from the start. And I learned my lesson big time. If they have time to come to the site to post an update they have time to answer messages. So unprofessional

    3) This whole DoM scene is a total shart show! Before my tirade, I will say that I don’t believe anyone involved in Diemension is a thief or crook. But, the errant lack of transparency here is stupefying. I feel badly for Byron, who has been the face for this miserable campaign.

    I want to see a f’ing video post from the owner Roger Ho, who seems to calmly never make his presence known. I want a real f’ing update from Diemension’ owner to tell me what’s really happening. Took all our $ and shot it up your arm in heroin while getting BJs from hookers? Cool. Just wasted it? Cool. Thought DoM was a killer idea (as we all did), but it actually sucks a**? Cool.

    Take my f’ing money and run, but at least have the balls to tell us the gods damn truth.

    Hope Celestial has a killer solo variant because you’re the only one who will ever play it Roger…No one will ever back your games again.

    Does this sound like a company that you want to back a project from?

  6. Sankokushin – RIP my most wanted and most waited game for this year. Well. Good. Will have more time to play through the games I already have.

  7. It is what it is, I guess, have to take care of yourselves first. But can't say I'm not disappointed by the news. They showed so much of "snippets" of ideas, concepts and gameplay on their web-page, which really gave off the false impression that the game system was already fairly thought out. From the way this is conveyed, it really seems the conceptual foundations of the game was really less than 50% complete.

  8. So far we only see miniatures. Is it going to be a Kickstarter campaign for miniatures or for a board game?Dawn of Madness felt like it was knowingly ran far too early. Ran only to keep the company financially in the green. Now, 4 years later, this very campaign, that saved them financially back then (which in my opinion was promising far too much for the money even back then), is not even nearly done developing, but they start a completely new big campaign?The argument, that Byron is not involved in Celestial, feels a bit shady, because with the other games it looked/looks a lot like Byron pretty much IS Diemension.I don't fully understand your positivity and the hype you are creating for this game. Usually you are announcing lots of "buts" and warnings for campaigns like this.I do have invested 100% all in for DoM, so I hope, they will finish the development. But that does not make me understand, why you are promoting this much, what feels a bit like a delay in filing for insolvency.

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