OMG what happened to Sankokushin?! At least Celestial is here!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Unidice
8:41 Tenebrae – Nightmares of Ylia
8:59 Sankokushin postponed indefinitely
12:41 Celestial huge update


  1. Strangely I don’t actually like board games with big minis. A pain to store and take up a lot of space.

  2. Damn was looking forward to sanko. Welp now I can go all in on the next Zombicide. Fk me up CMON!!!!

  3. Quite a red flag from the Sankokushin team there. If the stress of developing the game is so much that they essentially postpone it indefinitely, that makes you wonder what could happen if after a (probably very) successful KS campaign they had to actually produce the thing. Given the amount of things that can go wrong and the amount of pressure this imposes on the development team, is it too much of a stretch to worry they might suffer another burnout and postpone fulfilment indefinitely? Will still keep an eye on this but enthusiasm will probablly evaporate entirely by the time / if they are ever ready to launch this.

  4. Extremely disappointed about Sankokushin. My confidence in them is destroyed. A 6 month delay would be one thing, but their announcement sounds like years. Will put the game out of my mind. Zero interest in resin display minis and TTS battles.

  5. I left the Sanko groups a few weeks ago. Into The Unknown has tied up my serious money for the foreseeable and it all felt like vaporware at this stage.

  6. Yeah, so Sanko is dead for me. I will not back something from a company that suffers from burnout before they even have any real deadlines and commitments. How will they handle the real stress from having to deliver a project? No thanks, this is a massive red flag.

  7. will wait for Sankokushin. if I'm 90 and it shows up on kickstarter. I'll be there.

  8. Very difficult for me to get excited for Celestial when that company is such a mess. Their history goes 100% against your slogan of "Make games, not campaigns". They made Deep Madness, but Dawn of Madness has been a disaster that is far from fulfillment (and they launched Deep Madness again). The creator said refunds were still available, so I asked for a refund and have yet to receive anything. I can see them running the Celestial campaign and not delivering the game for 5 years. Just zero confidence in them.

  9. If Sanko shows up in KS I will back it, however I would consider that a gamble pledge

  10. Damn i guess now i dont have to be on kickstarter anymore since that game i cant spell isnt coming.

  11. So incredibly disappointed about sankokushin. Had been looking forward to that one for years at this point. And now it seems like we will have to wait a very long time before any crowdfunding campaign is on the horizon. I fear my interest and wallet has found something else at that point.

  12. Well, that's a bummer that news from Axis Mundi. I'm still hyped about the game and its art, and I'll wait for them, hopeful they will be able to release it some day.

  13. I agree with boardgame rule books. They’re an evil necessity. And there are many game you almost need to add a house rule to. I really enjoy Bloodborne Board game… but I gotta house rule it quite a bit to get the most enjoyment out of it. And there’s too many things not in the rule book for BB and other games that you basically have to either google forums or just make your own rule up for it.

  14. I disagree with the One-Shot and that's it statement. You don't back Euro's so you might not know, but they will have literal reprint campaigns for Euro's 10 years old and people would be swarming to get them. People forget, but once they see what hyped them in the first place Nostalgia hits. I'm sure no matter how many years away Sankokushin is, people will come back once they are hyped again. That being said, Sankokushin never interested me anyway.

  15. Well I'm surprised, that so many are surprised about sankokushin. It already fellt like vaporware for some time. On the contrary, they stepped in the brakes in time.

    Imagine If they would have launched, that would have been an Epic disaster for backers. And i'm Sure a Lot of companies would have done so to get the Hype Money.

  16. That's sad.. I still hope Sanko can happen! It's an ambitious project but if Into the Unknown call pull off Kingdoms Forlorn then maybe Axis Mundo just needs some more creative developers 🤷‍♂️

  17. Celestial !!!! The dorklord scream for more Celestial !!!!

  18. Diemension Games won’t be getting any more money from me until they deliver Dawn of Madness, and then that’s only wave 1. Wave 2 is probably another 2 years away. Like other’s on here, you seem a little invested in Celestial, when you give other developers a hard time when they make campaigns not games.

  19. Sanko is a bummer, but if the minis came out, I would buy them. They still have my respect for not taking my money after all this time, because they absolutely could have in 2022 and ended up at the same point.

  20. Celestial? Too wild for me, but the biggest Problem. It wants too much. Go pvp or pve and stick with it. All at once…..I don't know. I think this is more about the minis, not about the game.

  21. I am hyped about Celestial. When it´s going to be delivered, nobody knows. What will be the price for an all-in. That´s what I am curious about.

  22. Wow, celestials looks crazy cool! 😀

  23. This games isn't going to be made. There are some personal struggles here that we can only imagine.

  24. Holy crap Batman, the concept art of Celestial is amazing. That being said concept art doesn't sell a game, and we need to see some mechanics as to what you're doing etc.. This is definitely taking the place of most Hyped upcoming concept art. 😀

  25. Celestial 2nd box end boss:
    * insert "are we the baddies?" meme here *

  26. It's an interesting concept about WHEN to release information regarding an upcoming project. I figure, at best, you've got about 6 months of steam from potential backers before they start to peel off and lose that initial impact of interest. This essentially means you need at least a very strong 30-60% of the game in a semi-complete form or else you either run the risk of a campaign that pushes out way to soon or you end up in that Sankokushin death spiral of reaffirming the hype.

    Great vid, King!

  27. Working right now so didn't get to see the full video but to answer the question in the title, I know what happened, they talked big and promised big things and created a big hype to finally realize they can't deliver it, yes real life situations happen, we all have been through hard times before but what do you expect when you promise big things and keep delaying your promise? It will only get harder and harder, just look at Middara and SP, they promised big things with act 2 and 3 and I remember many people told them to forget about act 3 and work on act 2 then do act 3 later, I was one of those people and look at where we are now, more than 1 year later and seems they did bite waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than they can chew and the results are updates every 3 months unlike before, nothing is finished, no gameplay videos, no pictures showing any actual components even if they were handmade home printed, and then in their updates we get big essays on what they are doing to "counter the meta".

    I remember few years ago my dad was a good friend with a book author, he wasn't a big named author but he did have his followers and at the time he was working on his new book, it was almost halfway done so I remember asking him about why he is not talking about his new book or not even sharing any news, the only thing he did was hinting that he was working on a new book to his fans but that was it, no hype and nothing and his answer was "If I shared more details about my current work now then yes fans will be hyped for the new book, they will start talking about it, they will tell their friends and family about it and that is good but what will happen if something happened and I had to stop writing or a delay happen? The big hype will die and I will lose some of my fans because I made a promise I couldn't keep up with, and imagine the disappointment to some of the most excited fans, and the longer I keep them waiting about the work I'm hyping the less interested they will become to the point some of them will not even bother to check out the new book that was promised to be out long time ago"

    I was hyped big for the game in 2019 then 2020, started losing interest in 2021, by 2022 I no longer cared about the game, 2023 I can see so many people are disappointed luckily I'm not one of them as I no longer care about this game, and this goes to show how much interest I'm losing from KS that promises big things and get delivered half baked and then having to wait for the second or even third edition to get the other baked half.

  28. Well, at least I can more seriously look at townsfolk tussel and elder scrolls now that Sankokushin may be at least a year out. Thanks for the update.

  29. The personal affairs of the developers affecting the business is very reminiscent of what happened to Super Dungeon Explore: Legends. I respect their decision to put the project on hold and be open about it with the followers. I feel like someone needs to re-examine the events of the Super Dungeon kickstarter as a case study for people who are looking into getting into this board game sphere, especially since Ninja Division is still around and selling products to people.

  30. QUESTION: how many parts has a miniature? Can a casual boardgamer build them?

  31. As much as I want to really like Celestial with the long delays on Dawn of Madness plus also having Return to Deep Madness outstanding, I am just not sure that I trust them enough to want to have three projects outstanding with them.

  32. Super hyped for Celestial, bought their figures back when they had them on their store and have been waiting years for this Kickstarter to drop.

  33. Crushingly disappointed about Sankokushin. I saved a lot of money for that. Oh well, guess I’ll play one of the games I still have in shrink wrap.

  34. Hopeful and intrigued by Celestial but that's a lot of plastic in some of those Mini's. Some very thin components too I'm not sure about. Could be awesome

  35. What is the gameplay of Celestial. Going to be like. The minis are gorgeous. But if its crappy play, then its just etherfields all over again.

  36. The Celestial minis you built… are those resin or hips plastic? They look the latter. Do they sell models in hips? I can't justify buying another game just for the models, but if I could pick a character just to paint, I'd do that in a heartbeat!

  37. Those celestial minis are beyond amazing! Also, based on the concept art, the genre is leaning more toward BioPunk as opposed to straight-up Sci-Fi. I love BioPunk.

  38. Actually, the Sankokushin news is great! That means I'll be able to get my hands on cool minis sooner! And it should be for you, too, if you mean it that you like assembling and painting minis. And if their sales of minis finances the game, all the better.

  39. All of the assets for Celestial look awesome but I'm very unsure about the company. I have never backed their projects and only learned about them as part of the DoM coverage you have done in the recent past. I've been torn about late-pledging for DoM because the art and concept of the game sound amazing but at present the situation regarding how far behind/unfinished it still is and how the team covering that project is falling apart makes me ultra weary of backing their campaigns.

  40. I still have not received my Death Goddess. They did respond to my first email but not my second. I want the game, but I wont back it until I get my pledge.

  41. Part of Sankokushin's team was in Ukraine, until recently. The war had a direct impact on them.

  42. I think Dimension should STFU about Celestial till Dawn of Madness is in production, Byron and his hat shouldn't be spending a second on anything Celestial till he's finished the writing for DoM.

  43. Feels a lot like Sengokushin is going the KDM way, even before it gets out…

  44. Celestial could be the next big thing imho. Who knows, the designs of their miniatures are amazing, but after all they want to sell a boardgame and we don't know anything about it. Also great marketing vs delivering is a huge difference for me. Already burned on Mythic, don't want to experience anything like that anymore.

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