NYPD Swept The Bronx With A RICO! Is Bronx Drill Done?

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  1. he gon be spinning in his jail cell like a Beyblade

  2. I am from courtlandt. It's not called the courtlandt projects, it's 3 projects in one area. Melrose, Jackson and morrisina. They always get that wrong.

  3. that police present been thr b4 this drill shi

  4. 👎🏿🤦🏿‍♂️👎🏿🤦🏿‍♂️

  5. Young bucks dont kno shit to start crying once they hear 25 to life like Lil girls you want gangster be gangster 😂

  6. I think u buying subscribers . No way u should have 15k that quick

  7. Keep going ❤❤❤ the war between drench gang and pocket town

  8. wait till queens take off gangsta , ya vids tuff tho bro

  9. Yo fam this is world 🌎 wide 💯 🇬🇧 🇯🇲 bless family

  10. Well damn! I'm so glad I live in Houston. It's still cameras everywhere, but it's also legal to openly carry your gun without even a license. You definitely see my shoulder holster and my hip holster whenever I leave the house. But it's because crime's gone up and I'm not getting caught without a gun when everyone else has one.

  11. “Dumpin On Anything” not dead on arrival wtf🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. Why you keep coming for the south we got the same thing y’all have in Savannah

  13. Ma nxggas b Killen nxggas WASS gang u nxggas dnt b Killeen nxggas WASH gang

  14. Mane the south got the same thing homie come down south and see if you could live😂

  15. Hit likes share sub for our brother 👊👑 much love

  16. Bro intro so funny lmaoo 😂😂😂😂❤

  17. Yes bronx drill is done I’m surprised the shit lasted 1.5 years bruh its police on every block in every borough especially the Bronx & manhattan!! Bruh you get 5 yrs for every bullet . Niggas straight capping in the bx and some parts of Brooklyn it’s a lil different niggas really demons fr . Not being biased I lived in every borough . Queens the quietest but it’s a sleeper borough niggas be randomly doing drills . But for the most part as a Floridian from the worst part of the trenches Brooklyn is the most violent borough the Bronx is the ghetto and loudest borough . Queens manhattan and Staten Island ( which doesn’t count ) is not with that shit !! Even in bk cops on every block and niggas dgaf that’s why I say they’re the most active .. the police in nyc as a whole not going for none of that shit though . Imagine coming from a place where police don’t come unless you call them and it still takes 1hour+ , forest , swamps , ditches . All types of fuckery to a place where the most billionaires ,the most cops the most cameras and the most fucking benefits & you see these kids & young adults my age acting a fool for absolutely no reason !! I be laughing at these dudes man . If you’re from a place with nothing but opportunity and still find a way to be on that type of bs then you deserve the bs coming to you .

  18. I love watching yo shi while I cook it’s funny n interesting 😂

  19. Lmaooo he called Kay Flock a crash out specialist. All these idiots are crashing out all over the Bronx. Bronx always been super wild but since 9/11 NYC is a different place. The NYPD is pretty much equivalent to the FBI with the Units they have and the amount of surveillance they have. If you in the streets in Atlanta or Miami or Memphis and you get hit with a state RICO its beatable compared to a federal RICO. But in NYC the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of New York have been doing mafia RICOs for 40 years. A NY state RICO is just as bad as a federal RICO. With all that being said these kids in the Bronx and Brooklyn and Queens are making it so easy to lock them up. They literally allowed them to self snitch for like 3 years, all the while they documenting drug dealing, shootings, stabbings, murders ect ect. When they feel like they have enough info then they'll run raids and catch all these dudes sleeping at 5am with dope and guns in their apartments. Then they cooked and not gonna see the streets for like a decade. So sad. AND! The craziest thing about all of this is the fact that the Bronx in the 70s 80s and 90s was WAAAYYYYY worse than it'll ever be today. Google South Bronx 1970s and see the pictures that pop up. It looks like a bombed out warzone. It was just blocks and blocks of rubble, abandoned buildings and shooting galleries for the junkies. Its alot calmer and civilized than it used to be. Think about that for a second.

  20. That’s sugar hill Keem in the white and blue and blockwork in all black

  21. Nigga I’m from Louisiana u come to da jungle n live real talk💯

  22. Not for nothing my guy but it's no alleyways in New York Nick is going to be running down the alley and s*** like that ain't no f******ally's 😅

  23. I hope all this drill shit comes to an end….so stupid….people fighting over areas they don’t even own…dissing the dead….it’s utter madness

  24. Sometimes glad I left the hood

  25. Streets dead Rico’s in affect in all gangs best do shit on ur own 😈

  26. I use to work at RPT it always was crazy their no cap

  27. Cameras set up in parked car windows east coast is something else

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