NEW Gloomspite Gitz VS NEW Slaves to Darkness Age of Sigmar Battle Report

Hey Everyone!

Tonight we’re bringing you not one but TWO new battletomes. We’ve got the newly powerful Gloomspite Gitz played by Dan facing off against the Slaves to Darkness player Cam. Two quality players facing off, what more could we ask for!

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  1. Thanks guys for the entertaining video.
    I love to watch battle reports while painting, and I currently painting my 8th unit of Squig Herd. 😊
    Honestly the commentators are the best and bloody witty!

    Dan the Gloomspite Gitz player seems like a fun and easy-going opponent to play against while drinking beer. His mid and late game tactical awareness is very lacking but boy was his dice roll amazing! A true lucky Gitz!

    Although he made many bad decisions, he still end up winning because of the strength of the new Gloomspite Gitz.

    Taking two Squigboss but not double hero phase moving the 36 strong Squig Herd was a waste.
    Illegally Hand of Gork-ing the Marshcrawla Sloggoth aside, that 18" aoe was not used efficiently enough. Maybe that charge into the Knights would have deadly and the whole game will be so different.
    Turn 2 if Dan teleported the Squigboss to the Squig Herd for the mortal wound buff he would had a much easier time with the Knights. The Boingrot should had went back to home base to clear those invaders near the Loonshrine.
    Turn 3 teleporting Skragrott instead of those Squig Herds was a huge waste. The following ridiculous Skragrott melee gamble had me laughing so hard I almost spill my paint. Dan should had at the double Skragrott back to the Squig Herd to lure him in for the kill with his Squig Herds and Squigboss.
    Last turn Dan was too rushed to properly consider how to protect his Loonshrine. I am still curious as to how the Fellwater Unleashed Hell without a hero.

    Honestly the Gloomspite Gitz is currently just too strong. I have been winning almost every 2k game with them since the new battletome dropped. IMO King's Gitz and Clammy Hand edge out over Jaws of Mork and Clammy Hand.

    Btw Cam was a very good and skilful player, however if he had gotten a double turn in turn 2 or 3.. Things might have been very different!

  2. Also gloomspite player, you cannot teleport the marshcrawler it isn’t gloomspite gitz key worded. Bloody tourists 😂

  3. Hey chaps, just to answer one thing that was mentioned during the game. If one big model is base to base contact with 2 different units it can choose which one it wants to pile into. That was FAQd for this season as it was abused in 2.0.

  4. Guys, I think you need to check one more rule. If a unit is in combat it has to fight. You can't elect for it not to fight.

    Also, the BoC player on commentary is pure gold. Well done! Good laughs! Keep it up guys!

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