My Mom Runs a Squid Game/ How to Sneak Candies into Squid Game

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If Santa Was a Girl! Good Santa vs Bad Santa!:
The squid game has taken over the whole world! And even my mother decided to play it! See what came of it in our new video!

Supplies and tools:
• Fondant
• White chocolate
• Light clay
• Acrylic paint
• Gum
• Food coloring
• Sugar paper
• Pin back
• Isomalt
• Glasses frames
• M&Ms
• Bun
• Tortilla chips
• Ziploc bag

#mom #whatif #squidgame
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  4. I got a lot to say troom troom and I am very dissatisfied at this video and the recent videos you have been posting.
    1. The title. "My mom runs squid game" an old man runs squid game and from as far as we know has no family.
    2. the photo. The photo is of a squid game guard holding a baby with a triangle mask and one with gold markings. This photo does not match the actual video in itself.
    With 1 and 2 I thought this was going to be a story of motherhood somehow combined with squidgame but it is NOT.
    3. The 2nd title. "How to sneak Candies into squid game". This matches nothing with the 1st title and photo. This also is a very horrible title since no real life person is going to the Real squid games
    4. Troom troom your main demographic is children 8-12, who should not have any knowledge of the squid games. Squid game is rated M17+ so your demographic does nothing on squid game so it does not make sence for you to make squid game videos.
    5. No one needs squid game hacks because ,like I mentioned in my 3rd statement, no is going to the REAL squid games and so these are not useful life hacks that you should be posting
    The titles,photo, and video are a complete mess .
    to fix this you need to:
    •make titles that fit your video and are interesting topics.
    • Make photos that match your video and your topic, which in this case in life hacks, very clear.
    •follow your main demographic and make videos for kids ages 8-12
    • Do not make hacks that will not be useful and relatable to your viewers. You have to make good, useful, relatable, everyday hacks for your channel so it can be a better, happier, channel
    I hope you read this comment and follow the instructions to make your life hack channel better.

  5. Ice cream or cookies let the other people that are watching comic down below

  6. And if one of them wins we get you get the put one underneath your mask and I pick ice cream

  7. One of the people's mask are not really good one of them have blue eyes I can literally see them if you look really really closely

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