Mike Sinclair & Billy Marks Together Again! | The Nine Club – Episode 269

Mike Sinclair & Billy Marks discuss how they initially met, why Billy doesn’t drive and Mike doesn’t fly, the sneeze the blew out Mikes back, them betting 10k on a trick, Billy’s product boxes mysteriously being sold on eBay, Billy getting Mike the job at Toy Machine, Mike going to jail in Miami for the weekend, Ybor city pizza food poisoning, Mike passing out in the bathroom in Tampa, Billy on judging SLS, Mike’s movie snack selection, the Mike and Billy Vice show that never was and much more!

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00:00:00 Mike Sinclair & Billy Marks
00:00:33 Why Billy doesn’t drive and Mike doesn’t fly
00:16:40 The sneeze the blew out Mikes back
00:20:35 The most mad Mike has gotten at Billy
00:23:54 When Mike met Billy
00:26:42 Billy vs Jamie Thomas (Cee-lo)
00:30:27 Betting 10k on a trick
00:41:16 Billy’s product mysteriously being sold on eBay
00:47:46 Billy getting Mike the job at Toy Machine
00:51:48 Billy’s new Fallen video part
00:54:56 Mike going to jail in Miami for the weekend
01:13:31 Going on tour with the Chief (Chris Cole 360 flip Wallenberg)
01:27:07 Ybor City pizza food poisoning
01:32:07 Mike passing out in the bathroom in Tampa
01:46:05 Billy on judging SLS
01:56:22 Mikes movie snack selection
02:12:55 Mikes favorite buffet
02:21:37 The Mike and Billy Vice show that never was

Edited By: Tim Olson & Roger Bagley


  1. Billy and Mike are the Bert Kreisler and tom segura of skateboarding 😂

  2. Covid isn't that bad in most cases. This guy needs to drop the propaganda and chill.

  3. I remember seeing their chemistry on King of the Road and it was hilarious 🤣 As for who's memory is better? I believe Billy. Mike, maybe accidentally fills in the gaps of stories he miss remembers. But it makes great conflict.

  4. my favorite episodes are the sinclair and andy roy ones. always fun to revisit. "is he wack?" "yeah. he pretty wack."

  5. That French Dip with curly fries is the one.

  6. for some reason Sinclair being called 'Red' in jail is so fucking funny.

  7. bruh im so pissed. i was tryna go with my own personal "not getting covid" record lol… and i ended up getting Covid and DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOUSE TO GET IT!!!!! AFTER 3 YEARS MYSELF OF NO CIVID…my own mom went and chaperoned my lil sis to Disney for school.. she got it and didnt know until she was home…

    GOT SNAKED! Got it in my own house LMFAO… this was like 2 weeks ago from this upload

  8. So weird the trying to get people not to wear masks… why does it bother people so much what's on other people's bodies?

  9. The drive into Kamloops is stunningly beautiful.

  10. I always thought it was crazy how far Billy Marks flew before hitting rails, on stairs and at parks in the tour videos.

  11. i’m watchin’ ‘em backwards, but Dune, Jay.lee. Another fucking duo!!!

    *edit was the comment T-yards!!!

    (Comma, fucking Otto korekt).

  12. We need a nine club Mike & Billy show!!! I’d donate money to get that into fruition

  13. “I sneezed and my shit went out” 😂😂

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