Mike Sinclair & Billy Marks Together Again! | The Nine Club – Episode 269

Mike Sinclair & Billy Marks discuss how they initially met, why Billy doesn’t drive and Mike doesn’t fly, the sneeze the blew out Mikes back, them betting 10k on a trick, Billy’s product boxes mysteriously being sold on eBay, Billy getting Mike the job at Toy Machine, Mike going to jail in Miami for the weekend, Ybor city pizza food poisoning, Mike passing out in the bathroom in Tampa, Billy on judging SLS, Mike’s movie snack selection, the Mike and Billy Vice show that never was and much more!

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00:00:00 Mike Sinclair & Billy Marks
00:00:33 Why Billy doesn’t drive and Mike doesn’t fly
00:16:40 The sneeze the blew out Mikes back
00:20:35 The most mad Mike has gotten at Billy
00:23:54 When Mike met Billy
00:26:42 Billy vs Jamie Thomas (Cee-lo)
00:30:27 Betting 10k on a trick
00:41:16 Billy’s product mysteriously being sold on eBay
00:47:46 Billy getting Mike the job at Toy Machine
00:51:48 Billy’s new Fallen video part
00:54:56 Mike going to jail in Miami for the weekend
01:13:31 Going on tour with the Chief (Chris Cole 360 flip Wallenberg)
01:27:07 Ybor City pizza food poisoning
01:32:07 Mike passing out in the bathroom in Tampa
01:46:05 Billy on judging SLS
01:56:22 Mikes movie snack selection
02:12:55 Mikes favorite buffet
02:21:37 The Mike and Billy Vice show that never was

Edited By: Tim Olson & Roger Bagley


  1. id love to be stuck in the van with these two going around the country

  2. True story there was a KFC buffet in my hometown. I think it's gone now.

  3. The banana flavor runts is the best flavor!!!

  4. Maaan!! That episode was hilarious… Sinclair is the funiest!!

  5. Woke up only to hear Sinclair say he once ate a strawberry for money😂

  6. Could watch these two all day . Good shit !

  7. Billy’s set up sounds a lot like my setup in 2002 😂

  8. I've watched twice now and I have mixed feelings. Similar to an experience episode, but with fill ins for… no reason? Not as good as a full blown experience episode and a far cry from an interview episode imo. Entertaining? Yes; as filler. This recipe don't eat fellas, no offense. Certainly not worth waiting a week for! Enjoyed hearing the stories though and always admire the efforts! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!

  9. Sinclair and Billy Mark's have always been the married couple of skateboarding! 💯😂👍

  10. Respectfully I didn’t know the guests . But they hooked me right away from start to finish.

  11. didn’t know Neal mims and billy mark were this close 😂

  12. gapping out to end of the rail is a wimp move.

  13. Mike Sinclair is legit one of my favorite people to watch in the entire world.

    I could literally listen to him talk about paint drying and be fully entertained.

  14. 2 1/2 hours and no mention of Sinclairs new truck company.

  15. Killer Episode!! Marks & Sinclair are too damn funny. Just made my week with this one thanks guys 🤙🏻

  16. This dude is crazy. Banana runts are the best runts man lol

  17. Do you remember my birthday when I sneezed

  18. Shoutout to that A-Frame spot in Palo Alto @53:44…also RIP as well lol

  19. 12 minutes in and I am dying bc these 2 are the best dudes and constantly break ballz

  20. when I was like 10, billy focused a board at 6th street park in corona and hucked it across the park and fucking nailed me.

  21. They need a podcast ..this was gold! Keep it on this channel but make them do it in studio ..

  22. This was an amaazing fukn episode! love these two!

  23. You guys can not end 9 club. This episode had me dying. The banter between Sinclair and Billy was classic.

  24. I had the poster of that kickflip crook in my room when I was 9 and I remember thinking they were lying on the caption because I thought that trick was impossible

  25. Everybody needs a friend like Sinclair

  26. good episode to help us through the loss of the Experience

  27. This was most refreshing lol funny nineclub show in a lonnng time .. so natural feeling and telling stories abt what trips are fresh on their mind

  28. When I was broke in school I wld hit the KFC buffet HARD! I gained like 10 pounds in a few weeks, so yes KFC buffet altho incredible, can be a fickle where if you go in there guns blazing. Oh in Missouri btw

  29. Can't stop laughing…….these two are the best. Thanks!

  30. best married couple in skateboarding. . . . Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary

  31. Funniest duo, we need more of these two for sure 😂😂

  32. 37:22 you can see in mikes face he is reminiscing on the good ole days

  33. I want to see the show they shot together..they need to make it!

  34. mike Sinclair is the weakest person and strongest at the same time

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