MAKING SQUID GAME a ROBLOX ACCOUNT (Guard, Doll, Front Man, Player 456, 001, 067)

MAKING SQUID GAME a ROBLOX ACCOUNT (Guard, Doll, Front Man, Player 456, 001, 067)

today we make squid game and characters like the guard, front man, player 456, player 001, player 067 from the viral netflix show a roblox account in roblox!


  1. Zeph I'm a fan since 2018
    Thank you for your amazing vids

  2. dude we all have been waiting for you where have you been? its really nice to see you back!

  3. Those things were like 3 weeks ago so this video is old but recently uploaded

  4. I just noticed his video is 45 minutes long

  5. You should make your character look like NicsterV jk. Just a thought

  6. And the squid game guards are red

  7. You look so different! I used to watch u years ago!

  8. 1:01 you better cuz I was waitin and imma huge fan on roblox so pls friend me Username: NinjaBoi91YT

  9. 𝕯𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖗𝕲𝖎𝖗𝖑14👹🗿 says:

    Hey!Its been so long!I've been waiting for you to post and you did!😁
    Thank you for making my day🥰

  10. The best type of hair for the doll is: Double Buns in Black

  11. I dont play squid game even thoung i like watching people play it

  12. When the avatar update comes out making the red light green light doll should be easy

  13. Btw they do tell us his name way before ep 8 cuz every time he answered his the phone he says "this is the front man"

  14. I’ve watched squid game 3 times OwO

  15. He should’ve used double low messy buns

  16. I want to join squid games would be fun jk if u get seen moving u get killed and ur body goes into a oven and then die twice

  17. I watched it all in 12.5 hours because I started at 3:00 pm and ended at 3:30 am and I slept after

  18. Dang I lowkey want him to make the ghost,hacker,Roblox,builderman stories again.

  19. Hey Zeph! I heard a lot of people on Twitter are making a guard mask on the UGC catalog

  20. Hi zeph I need friend can you be my friend

  21. Whats the background music called u use?

  22. Good Zeph and you making squid game

  23. I don’t like squid game I LOVE SQUId GAME

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