MAKING SQUID GAME a ROBLOX ACCOUNT (Guard, Doll, Front Man, Player 456, 001, 067)

MAKING SQUID GAME a ROBLOX ACCOUNT (Guard, Doll, Front Man, Player 456, 001, 067)

today we make squid game and characters like the guard, front man, player 456, player 001, player 067 from the viral netflix show a roblox account in roblox!


  1. You missed something that really looks like the dolls hair! And that hair is called cute mini pigtails & chopped

  2. For sale byeok try using woman character

  3. Bravo to your account bravo!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😁

  4. In brookhaven there is a black mask and It will match the clothes for front man

  5. And the squid game guard has a camera on his clothes so front man can see what people r doing, playing

  6. Who’s here after he got hacked?

  7. Hello, I am a new fan and actually I like ur vids and btw there's the same hair of the doll

  8. This was filmed on my birthday LOL

  9. Your not Done to the squid game doll
    it Ned a hat

  10. ณดิร ภูวันเพ็ญ says:


  11. ณดิร ภูวันเพ็ญ says:

    They did your the day to draw

  12. to make circle guard get red hood gaurd uniform then get the circle monster face then make you head black then boom your done looks the best one ever

  13. You probably dont even know or watch squid game

  14. I love squid game I realy whnat to play it in reality

  15. zeph there is mask i think look better it called x mask

  16. Squid game doll care of that looks so stupid what you just made so so so so so so stupid why do you make so much stupid characters

  17. The squad game guards killed if they mooved

  18. Zeph you past a good hair for the doll called double low messy buns LOL

  19. That girl in black in the photo is Jennie from Blackpink…

  20. Good morning beautifulday and I willhaveknow

  21. I love this video so much God bless to everyone who’s watching😻

  22. Your front man is so cool and amazing

  23. I know it's a pink guard but you should find a long one the hoodie end the fencing mask you found has no shape

  24. Red light Green Light is the best because I like

  25. You can tell who he is that’s the front man

  26. There is a hair that looks really like the dolls hair and is called cute mini pigtails & chopped

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