Let’s Watch more NEW Bakugan! (FEAT. PyrusQueen)

*Slow building chant* gen 3 gen 3 gen 3 gEN 3 GEN 3 GEN 3!!! Let’s watch a rad show that everyone loves!!!


  1. What is the most powerful bakugan do you have

  2. Wait if the characters are 2d then shouldn't anime be like action to them like that be like if we called power rangers a animated when it's not just saying it always bugs me but it's a big deal

  3. Bruhhh “Holy Caps lock!” I saw this reboot and was like I have to check this out!! I loved the original. And saw your explanation on the new bakugan & new beyblades and got caught up 😃👍 && JJK IS AWESOME 👏🏾 😎

  4. Nothing wrong with two orange corner. There are four orange corners on a Rubik's cube lol.

  5. this new bakugan show seems like a blast to watch might check it out

  6. God i love gen 1, watching this just makes me depressed.

  7. I don't care what anybody says, beefcake drago makes this show 100x better.

  8. What is your favorite clan and character

  9. My favorite clan is the misfit clan and my favorite character is Griffin

  10. Mine is the misfit clan and mine favorite character is Griffin and my favorite Bakugan is trox

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