Kaysan Reacts to The Bronx Burning: RICO’s for the Drillers


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  1. Kayson grew up in a gated community with both parents he wouldn’t understand ur own blood can be your biggest opps

  2. But you let sha gz diss in that song though 🧐🧐

  3. Make a song with millyz or do some reactions by him please famm love the content BTW keep doing you fam

  4. It annoys me how everyone assumes Kay flocks mom is related to dthang and that she’s the aunt. Or how she says she’s not related to dthang so automatically they aren’t cousins. Y’all forget kayflock got his dads side of the family to where the relation can come from. Like use your heads

  5. frère vid Nooooo take
    Bruh yoo men's
    Thanks lot

  6. Drill music has good visials and some artists really got talent, just wish they werent living like crash dummies. They throw away their lives before they even mature enough in life. W content tho Waysan

  7. They dumb dumb self going on live doing crimes🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. Loyalty runs deeper than blood in the boroughs. Family is who you make it

  9. you let Kenzo diss Dummy and Deliah on your new collaboration but TaTa couldn't cause it was Notti and Rah? The fuck? Also you tryna capitalize off this Bx Drill wave, stop acting like you actually care about any of these kids, you here for exposure and a paycheck. All you new FaZe niggas be so see through.

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