If the Squid Game Guards make you play Tug Of War… DON’T Lose or you will be ELIMINATED!

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*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.

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  1. camera man is gonna get a beating because he is watching them suffer

  2. I was watching the sqwid game movie and I watched all of them And I now like the movie And I hpe they make a part 2 one or mabey that one is it and how do I join your channel And how do is become the stromedy Squad it's kinda hard for me to join it can you Please help me join the stromedy Squad please 🤗

  3. This is fake sauid game is a show with actors

  4. Indeed that's what I thought why didn't you just jump off the balcony last episode my Addilyn tallboy.

  5. The squid game people are fake they are your friends

  6. Stromedy y are u putting ur friends to act like squid game and pretend they came to ur house and they real like Lol ur using ur friends

  7. Edits in your past vidios and your vidios are fake

  8. How did your frends live its because the last game had a manaqoun and edits

  9. Stromedy: lets pay pepole to put the masks on only idiots will belive it
    The prime capitol:lets do it

  10. I can tell that’s not real they have Nerf guns

  11. Squid games needs to stop, I swear if I see one more video with Squid games in the caption. It's just messed up more than I can say. The amount of money Someone has doesn't matter when will people start to realize.

  12. Guys those are fortnite guns they're trying to trick you you catch you over power of them that is fortnite guns so that word does a play guns like kids play with those that's not even real guns guys so we can

  13. I love your vid but it is fake because your in your house

  14. If I was in that situation which I’m not because I am Man I am what is the town called RIALTO and also OK in the game I kind of like the red light green light because I am free Bruh I am bus strawberry I hope you get out I hope you get all that problem and I hope you decide to shoot those ugly 🤬 strawberry I just hope you the best in your friends I hope that one day you teach this mother

  15. I'm #1 fan y'all my favorite love y'all for life y'all #1

  16. I saw the guns and they said Fortnite on it look very closely

  17. When you realize they have fortnite guns 😂😅🤣

  18. Me: don’t know what squid game is because I’m only 8 lol

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