if the SQUID GAME GUARDS come to your house, LOCK your DOORS and HIDE!! (do NOT play their game)

if the SQUID GAME GUARDS come to your house, LOCK your DOORS and HIDE!! (do NOT play their game)

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  1. i locked my doors at night and i came 49999890998908989879 times to this banger of a video keep the bangers comin please love from alaska

  2. One time I just quit working guys came to the house my phone went off on my security cameras in it was it was crazy

  3. Your mailbox when you get back to your home

  4. What is the best, way 🤡🎭🥷🤡🎃

  5. Frist one to like love ur videos stay safe ❤ 💗 💓 💖 💕 💜 ❤

  6. Hi Jana soss I am your Big fan from india ❤️❤️❤️ lots of love from india ❤️❤️

  7. First by the way you are so pretty💜💜💜


  9. Beauty Jana your sound sounds lovely ❤🌹🌺🌷🌸

  10. It is 2am for me so im pretty tired but nonetheless this is a great video 😀♥

  11. I am the sixth person that's hits the like button

  12. I love yana and stromedy this couple is so cute be careful yana nad stromedy

  13. Yo what’s up queen Jana these squid games characters be really creepy. Keep up them bangers

  14. You have a nice boyfriend and I have played squid game on roblox and I died so many times

  15. Hi I’m a huge fan u are so beautiful and pretty

  16. Hi Jana Love You Lord Bless Dus lovely young lady from head to toes every single night n day preyers n blessings ✌️😎🙏❣️🌹🌹

  17. You guys are the best YouTubers ever I love you guys so much 💜❤️

  18. What do u guys mean get "hurt" they die not "hurt"

  19. I love your crazy videos hope you keep up the good work and you risk a lot of crazy stuff

  20. HI JANA SOSS & STROMEDY I Subscribed to you Channel and I Press Bell Button and I Joined the Notifications Squad to and I Follows you on Instagram to

  21. Hi Jana i play red light green light at school dose that count caz im scared and im only 8

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