if only they knew.. 😳|| squid game #shorts

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  1. For those who don’t understand basically when it said eliminated, he’s basically being killed instead of being eliminated and not being in the game

  2. Been so long since ive seen squid game edit again whats the occasion? Dont be shy

  3. as soon as squid game s2 is released, im watching it asap bc i aint letting ppl ruin it like they did to this season

  4. How do you get those captions like what effects and app do you use

  5. It’s been two years. Two whole fucking years

  6. Wow been a while since I seen squid game edits

  7. Why squid game doll is dress is Yellow & Orange and why that man is number 456

  8. Doll: Red light!!!
    Some random player: Green light!!!
    Everyone: *starts running*
    Pink soldiers: *starts shooting the players*

  9. Spoiler Alert😅

    People who don't know which should know this is there first game and it's called red light green light and they thought it was a joke so one of them moved but then he got shot and they suddenly all started running back so so much people got aliminated and the game keeps going until the main person wins the game

  10. Only if they knew..
    Ppl:they will die Ofc
    Them: we will get $$$$$$$
    Why does that dude wanna risk it???

  11. I remember watching squid games for the first time…

    didn’t see the hype for it!? Anyone else?

  12. I should’ve been in that cause I have the perfect Time to stop like I’ve been practicing Roblox and in real life

  13. Why this is coming to my shorts feed in novmber 2023 ?

  14. Honestly whenever they all started running when the 2nd guy died i got scared-

  15. I was looking in netflix it was so GOOD😊

  16. Ужас а вдруг дети будут смотреть 🧐

  17. Auf Klassenfahrt haben wir auch so ein Spiel gespielt und ich war immer hinter dem größten aus unserer klasse, und war daher immer das einzige Mädchen das es nach hinten geschafft hat.

  18. I didn’t like it I LOVE IT ❤❤❤ masterpiece 👍

  19. Öțřýêẃğľỳýíɓṅ😊😊😊

  20. This game is very nice but scary still

  21. I would be shaking so much that I would have died by shaking

  22. people watching this on New Year’s Eve

  23. 456 sorry i don't remember the anyways 456 he wants to go home is so scary

  24. Is it just me because i feel bad for player 324

  25. They were kinda stupid but yeah 💀

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