I Used The Best NBA Player Per Letter!!

Today, I used the best NBA player per letter. We built an entire team using the wheel of the alphabet and used the squad in a crazy game that had dark matters on the line. Let me know if I chose the right players per letter and enjoy!!


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  1. You could’ve used Shaquille O’Neal for o

  2. You could’ve got dearen fox 98

  3. Beo Ik I’m commenting again but he could’ve done KOBE and his highlight reel dark matter

  4. bro how did you pass up on the diamond oladipo it annoyed me so much

  5. You could have done Shaquille O’Neal for S I’m not trying to be mean I’m just telling you.🎉

  6. For P he could have done dark matter Porzinges

  7. Yay Chris Paul gets a ring Med is a legend he got Cp3 2 rings

  8. First hi I love your vids your the best 2k YouTuber

  9. You could have done Ming Yao for that Y I think that’s his actual name people just say Yao Ming

  10. Why you pick the gold instead of diamond oladipo lol?

  11. I pulled jaylen brown in a pack and I was throwing down dunk after dunk

  12. You could of done dark matter Kristaps Porzingis.

  13. 4:32 LMAOOO the edit into u saying that immediately after is killing me

  14. for L you should have done the galaxy opal dame

  15. Nobody talking about that my man’s has 12 mil mt😮

  16. that kyle korver card sucks no offence to kyle korver we was dang good

  17. Oladipo was a gold u had the option for a diamond

  18. Just A guy who’s on YouTube for fun says:

    You could have did Oscar Robertson for the letter O

  19. Jordan Poole did you think about that last name? Huh huh

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