I made Squid Game but you play as a Guard!

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💬 I finally watched Squid Game and loved it!
Since this is a Game Development channel I thought why don’t I try remaking the game, but making it where you play as the Player is a bit too obvious, many people have already done that.
So instead I made Squid Game but you play as a Guard!
The game is Red Light Green Light, the Players try to follow the rules and it’s up to you to catch them when they fail.
Watch how I made the game and then go play it for yourself and see if you beat my high score!
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  1. Awesome! Need a little help. I'm actually making FPS game (includes a full character body), and not being able to find a solution for mouse aim to affect the upper body to aim up & down(with shoot/reload animation) while lower body to keep playing animations. Thanks! 😀

  2. Bro please continue your third person shooter with enemies or make it multiplayer please

  3. So you are lefthanded too. Either me,🥺

  4. Almost everyone escaped from me 😅. Fun to play though 👍
    And Great video btw!

  5. There is a lot to learn from this kind of videos 🙏🙏

  6. Nice idea, now add photon and make it multiplayer 😉

  7. Did you manually adjust the ragdoll position or does Unity do that for you as well ?

  8. this is really good, but you really should have add the screams of help/begging, that would have made it blood curdling.

  9. I don't get why the camera isn't on the giant girl, it would have given more depth for the gameplay to make scoping more harder.

  10. Hey CM great video as always! Have you used behaviour trees or goap for Ai instead of state machines? I’d love to see one of your nice clear discussions about the advantages/problems of several approaches.

  11. no me puedo descargar los archivo del proyecto

  12. Honestly, this simple idea is really well made, yet casual enough that you could probably develop it further and sell it for mobile phones and on steam. To not get kicked out of Apple's app store you might want to change the people to zombies or something haha. different levels with different obstacles making it more difficult to get clean shots, different weapons. Maybe a zombie can take out a guard on the ground and grab his gun and shoot back at the player camera? I think this idea of yours is definitely worth exploring further, and I think it would be a shame to let this cool idea just disappear.

  13. I can't watch your live stream yesterday because in India it was 11:30 pm and that's my sleeping time and mom not aloud to watch.

  14. Need to improve.. when player crossed half of the distance then they doesn't go back in real world.. Just improve your script to after some distance player can't go back.. plz show side guns as in real world. So it will make game more realistic..

  15. From tomorrow I will comment and asked some queries from my own account but this game is awesome. 👍

  16. I like how you turn a movie into a game.
    I like how you made use of existing assets. (perhaps could go into more details/ more footage on it in the future.)
    Would like to see a tutorial on unity built-in rag doll from your channel.

    but the game itself, meh, needs a little more polish.
    the zoom-in/shooting/recoil/sound that is put together just doesn't feel right.
    While I understand this is a prototype, I just feel that it will benefit your channel more if the game is done right when it could inspire more people.
    Discard this if you disagree~

    all in all thx for the video~

  17. Looks great mate! Only thing I feel is missing though is a money counter that would lerp-increase by each kill you make. :p

  18. Nice minigame. How do you calculate the running back path? Do you use NavMesh, or you doing it on your own? Do the players collide with other standing players?

  19. Hey Can you make a tutorial series on unity Netcode

  20. I really enjoy watching your videos lately. Definitely looking forward to a tutorial for Ragdolls.

  21. Curious about using ProBuilder as a 3D editing tool (in a manner of performance).
    Doesn't it makes output model too much unoptimized? How was performance impact compared to original model?

  22. Nice meme game!
    But I think it is not a proper 'gamey' as a guard playing because the difficulty is hardest at the beginning and becomes easier as 'greensuits' gets farther from the exit door 🙂

  23. Hello Code Monkey ! I'm really interested on becoming a patreon supporter and get this projects files , but i was doubting whether it has mobile support or not because I'm looking forward to buying your project and upgrading on it for mobile devices . So please reply to me while your free
    thank you for your time !

  24. How is that a fun game? It’s kind of disturbing.

  25. Wow,looks dope and original too. please do IK tutorial next

  26. Still waiting on the 3rd person starter asset and melee system tutorial integration.

  27. Very interesting twist! Hope this blows up

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