I made Squid Game but you play as a Guard!

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💬 I finally watched Squid Game and loved it!
Since this is a Game Development channel I thought why don’t I try remaking the game, but making it where you play as the Player is a bit too obvious, many people have already done that.
So instead I made Squid Game but you play as a Guard!
The game is Red Light Green Light, the Players try to follow the rules and it’s up to you to catch them when they fail.
Watch how I made the game and then go play it for yourself and see if you beat my high score!
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  1. By the way, it would be interesting to watch a video about "caching", which is often used by some people in their code…. if that makes sense…

  2. Bro you massacred an innocent guy at 11:28 😂
    Cool vid! It's giving me some ideas on what to work on next too.

  3. Your game is flawed. First of all, when the game starts and after the first green light, the players shouldn't randomly run backwards and attack the door. This is very stupid. The players run back to escape only after they find out if you get eliminated you get shot and die. Also, after that, the players who moved on the red light all of the players shouldn't start running backwars like an idiot, some should stand still and hope they didn't get caught. And some players should move at various speeds and some not move at all or move slow because they are scared. And when the players get shot, you should apply the explosion force to the ragdoll from the cameras forward vector to make it look like they were shot with the sniper

  4. Dear Code Monkey,

    I want to make it possible for a player to get a new Health System, every time they join the game, when pressing the play button, so every player prefab has it´s unique Health System.

    Do you have any tutorial regarding to this or can you help me with this?

    For more explenation about what I mean:

    The enemies that spawn, in the Intro of the Video, have unique Health Systems, I guess, so when you attack one of them, that attacked enemy gets damaged only and not the others.

    Thank you for your help, in advance!

  5. Looks really awesome and super refined! A fantastic little summary.

    I realise this isn't a fully fledged game but in terms of difficulty and progression to see this more refined, you could:

    – Be penalised for shooting a green player and have a fail state if so many are hit when they shouldn't.
    – Some kind of reload mechanic to limit your shots as the guard
    – Variations in contestant speed and damage they deal to the door
    – Some kind of perception mechanic, where you have to work out which contestants were the ones that didn't stop in time meaning that more would escape if you weren't on the ball.

    Of course this could be expanded infinity with a million suggestions, as you said that scope is important! Ha.


  7. WAIT, I just found this channel, you are the Dev of GameCorp, right? I LOVE THAT GAME, even up to this day I play it very often

  8. Show us how to make ragdolls please make it or wee well take youer first born

  9. This is a good thing u tried this meme on your channel 👍👍

  10. when i try to kill the people that escape, i cant
    it says I got -45382 score


  12. Great video! I tried to test the project in Unity, but I am getting a lot of errors. Do I have to download some packages beforehand to make it work?

  13. I downloaded the project and will attempt to get a Mac build when I get a chance.

  14. Should have asked dani to hand over Jeff OR ELSE

  15. 書籍クリス | shoseki_kurisu says:

    Now lets make this game in vr 😀

  16. Did you use the "probuilderize" option to turn the helmet asset into a probuilder mesh? And if so is that only feasible on super low poly meshes ?

  17. Pls also make honeycomb and all games pls🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  18. This loks and feels like No Russian Mission 😂😂😂

  19. Suggestion I made sqwidgame ,but you play as the traps like the dummy in red light green light

  20. I like to play batleroyale tycoon,where I can play it?steam?

  21. Wow unity looks good😋. I make games in unreal Engine.

  22. The way it's made makes it look like a mobile game.

  23. For the players running and trying to escape the second its red light is a little bit silly since they only started running away when they saw a dead body
    I suggest if you update the game that you make it so some have a chance to run away when they FIRST see a dead body. Because if they dont see a body they have no reason to try and escape. On the first turn of red light green light in real life you dont just run away second its red light. You would need a reason to not want to play.

  24. we want ragdoll video with how to turn on after a event

  25. Good Evening sir,
    I wanted to ask if I can run unity on my laptop with RAM 2 gb.
    I hope you Reply…..

  26. Hey, I want a full guided video on
    active Ragdolls. With dynamic motions. Your video on this topic will be really appreciated.
    Hope for a video or series on this topic.
    Thank you

  27. you came here to watch him make a game

    I came here for free games

    You and I are not so different

  28. Code Monkey: Didn't want to make it easy with them standing there so I made them run.
    Also Code Monkey: I made them stop and stand still and bang on the door with no loose condition so they can bang on the door and stand there for hours…

  29. for some reason performance is way worse than it should be, try using profiler to identify what is taking up so much performance

  30. 4:49 thats RED not pink…
    i dont understand how you can mix that up.

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