I found Every Easter Egg in SQUID GAME | 오징어게임

SQUID GAME Breakdown: Every Easter Egg, Clue, Hidden Detail & Ending Explained. We give a full series breakdown of 오징어게임 pointing out all the things you missed in Episodes 1 – 9. This includes a recap of the series and the games that he played in such as Red Light, Green Light, Tug Of War, Glass Hop and The Marbles One. Full Spoilers ahead.

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0:00 Squid Game Full Series Breakdown Intro
0:31 Episode 1 Easter Eggs
3:26 Recruiter Hidden Details And The Shapes
5:18 The Recruiter Gong Yoo
5:32 Red Light, Green Light
6:09 Il-Nam Clues
6:45 Game Markings On The Walls
7:02 The Music
7:24 The Stairs
7:44 Il-Nam Clues In Red Light, Green Light And Father And Son Theory
9:47 Foreshadowing The Deaths
11:03 How The Games Could Have Ended Early
11:24 Episode 3 Things You Missed
12:33 Mirror Images
13:24 Il-Nam Hints And Foreshadowing With Tug Of War & Marbles
18:14 The Bridge Game
18:54 The Dinner
19:23 The Squid Game Easter Eggs
20:03 The Front Man Explained
21:02 Ending Explained

Ok so the opening of Squid Game may be confusing at first. We watch as the convoluted rules are explained and see kids play it, who are of course Gi Hun and Sang Woo. This flashback is key as it foreshadows how the game will end which was of course with a round of Squid Game.

We jump forward to an Gi Hun who is a lifelong gambler that keeps betting on the wrong horse. He keeps gambling to try and make his life better and he’s actually the perfect person to participate in the games.

I idea of him betting on horses of course foreshadows the future as it’s explained to him that Squid Game is very much the same thing just with people being the ones that are bet on

In a way he’s similar to the southern gentlemen VIP who keeps picking the wrong contestant. This would foreshadow Joon Ho’s death at the hands of the frontman as the VIP would say ‘I always pick losers’, he picked Jun-Ho to pleasure him only for character to turn around and attack him. Jun-Ho is then caught out in this quote unquote game of life and death and he’s apparently killed…

Though I am #JunHoIsStillAlive

Now Gi Hun uses lucky numbers of 6 and 8 to win, which they do. However these numbers would appear many times in the show. They always represent the middle of the herd in the race and the numbers are in the middle much like before the bridge challenge. One of the VIP explains why everyone went for the middle and that is to find safety when threatened. It’s better to stay amongst people instead of taking a risk on your own.

Six also appears again as there are 6 games that take place over 6 days and the religious player would later choose the number 6 as it represents the day god made humans in christianity. Funnily enough, Gi Hun won 4.56 million at the horse track, incredibly amazing attention to detail there from the writer.

Now Sae Byeok does end up helping Gi-Hun later on in the bridge game and this may be her paying him back after she pick pocketed him.

Gi Hun’s nice nature would be foreshadowed as even after being chased by violent loan sharks, he would help her when he thought she simply fell over.

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  1. dude i sall behind the old man play 061 and was a boy in honeycomb player 061 was a girl wow

  2. Who would play that game for goodness sake

  3. Do you notice that 69 died and then after 69 died 96 died Both of them are flipped numbers

  4. Right now I'm watching squid game for the 4th time, I'm obsessed 😅😅

  5. Don't forget about 50 minutes into the 2nd episode- when gi-hun is about to leave his daughter & ex-wife's home. The camera pans to the umbrella on the floor…basically signaling "The Man with the Umbrella"

  6. 2:24 Fun fact: That part where Gi Hun gives Sae Byeok her drink and puts the straw back, that part was improvised by the actor who played Gi Hun. He was supposed to just run away. And you can see that the actor that played Sae Byeok was shaking a bit because she was laughing at that improvised action

  7. If he hasn’t spent any of the money from the game, for one year after the game, how did he pay his debt to the ones who might have sold his organs in exchange?

  8. Jun Ho is 100% alive imo. He got shot in the shoulder so it wasn’t a fatal wound and we know he’s able to swim so he can survive. We’ll see him S2 for sure, can’t wait!!

  9. 7:04 ok but you missed the Haydn Trumpet concerto which ACTUALLY opens the day.

  10. Here’s a crazy thought:

    Since Il-nam is the game master, is it possible that Gi-Han was always supposed to make it to the end? Yes, Gi-Han showed him compassion and that helped him in the games, but I choose to believe he was carefully selected. He may have been selfish, but he was also a good person and maybe Il-nam knew he was dying and needed someone to take over the games. Thus, putting him to the real test in the games.

  11. I watch the squid game movieReady I did not watch the movie right now I watch a movie later ago but now I watch the movie again

  12. sorry… i really felt let down by the last few episodes and the vip episode really went a step to far… it was explained after the doctor and two guards were hung for all to see… that the games were meant to 'provide a level playing field' for all the participants' that weren't given one in the reality of their regular lives… then going into the vip episode… at least to me… just seemed like a bunch of over-acting with over-the-top costumes… that actually added very little value to the overall storyline… and actually probably detracted from it… imho… they could have accomplished this part of the subplot in a better way… maybe kept the number of vips attending… and associated details more hidden and mysterious… let the viewers imagination fill it in for them… and the dialogue among the vips in many cases we really cringe-worthy… then the whole thing with vip wanting the cop to 'pleasure him' hit the top of cringe… from there in just transitioned to series of events broke though acceptability… how did a scuba diver (even with a under water vehicle) maintain such a lead on a speed boat… and the remainder of that foot chase was a bit to far past a "willing suspension of reality" … which ruined the ability to stay immersed in the storyline… and finally on this note… being that rich… traveling without any protection to such a remote place just to see 16 players cross a glass bridge… and then two players play a squid game to the death… just doesn't seem that exciting… if as proposed that the whole thing was just like a horse race…. but with real people… wouldn't you want to see the whole race… no just show up for the final furlong or so… (yes i know the said the were watching on their televisions before getting there… but if it was supposed to be about betting and entertainment… being there for one week… six games over seven days is not that long of a time…) and then … to go way over the top of acceptability… and stupidity… what in the world did gi-hun think was going to happen as he was banging on the doors for the guards to come to help sae-byeok… really… my first thought was all that noise will awake (the untrustworthy and murderous) sang-woo… and (if he had any brains) would have walked up behind gi-hun and stabbed him right there (but since that would then ended the game there, they couldn't have him do that)… so sang-woo instead goes over and kills sae-byeok… give be a break… too much unbelievable stupidity in such a short time… and finally… it was a nice plot twist at the end with gi-hun getting the note from his "깐부" and finding out il-nam was still alive… but the final bet about helping the homeless man was a real huge let down… throughout the whole series we have been beaten over the head with the question whether humans are inherently good or evil… caring or indifferent… kind or cruel… so that last bet just seemed a bit to cliché… if not ridiculous for a problem that presented some quite unique approaches in analyzing this topic… so anyway… overall… the first five episodes were really good… but the last three just seemed to lose the momentum diverging into non-sequitur side plots… stupid decision making by many characters… and left me bewildered by the end… if there is a season 2… i will likely have a look… but if it picks up in a similar fashion as season 1 ended… i likely won't be there past the first couple episodes…. funky looking red hair or not… just sayin…

  13. For Tug-O-War, Il-Nam would have died as everyone gets pulled and he would get stuck between people with locks as he's not at the end of the rope …

  14. Anyone notice how potentially the figure welcoming people on board the plane was pink???
    I thought he was going to LA to see his daughter.

  15. I know something did you know Abdul Ali is Gi Hun's
    son and Gi Hun is 001's son.And I put 001 because I don't know his name

  16. The nine-episode series follows the deadly game and its participants, to see who eventually wins the money to take home. Divorced dad Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) wins the game after childhood BFF-turned-enemy Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo) sacrifices himself.

    Gi-hun refuses to spend the prize money for over a year, before eventually learning the old man he betrayed over the course of the game, Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo), was secretly the mastermind behind it all.

    After Oh Il-nam dies, Gi-hun discovers that the game is actually still on, running into the Salesman (Gong Yoo) recruiting new players. Gi-hun vows to stop the game once and for all, which does leave an obvious story line for season 2.

    When might Squid Game season 2 be released?
    Squid Game was first announced in 2019, with production taking two years to complete and later dropping in September 2021. So even with the most optimistic timeline, Season 2 probably wouldn't arrive until late 2023. Eek.

  17. you looked an found mini eggs when every poor bastard died to get home with a dollar or two……..i choose cadburys mini eggs all day over that shite😳😉👍

  18. Imagine if this actually happens but we don’t know

  19. you missed the code on the wall in the end

  20. Come the end of the season we learn that the entire principle behind the games is inherently flawed, created by Player 001 and the VIP's to give the less fortunate an "equal opportunity" to attain wealth and power enough to void their lives of grief and want – but then we discover that the wealthy actually hold these games because BEING so rich and powerful has left them with an unquenchable desire for more, resulting from having everything anybody could ever want or need. They could not satiate a desire for that which they already had and this made their lives feel empty despite having all the money and power in the world, so the only way to feed their desire for MORE was to exert that power over others… and these games were their way to do it.

    They always knew – since before the very first game ever took place – that money alone would never solve the problems of these contestants (as we've seen), but that it DOES make an effective lure to ensnare them into playing their games and dying for the VIP's amusement and desires for more power, more control, more more more.

    It was never meant to be "fair" or to be "won", only to entrap others into A) death or B) the VIP's same redundant, affluent, meaningless existence – as happened to The Frontman who won in 2015, expanding their entourage of emotionless elites.

    I think the reason 456 turns back in the finale is because he realizes that the ONLY way to "win" these games is to END them entirely.

  21. I think Il-Nam would be removed from the game had he not been eliminated in Marbles, because I can’t think how you can rig a game like Glass Bridge, and even if he could tell the differences between the glass there’s still the possibility that he would be pushed or couldn’t reach it due to his physical condition.

  22. Whatever dude. Like, 40 percent of this is half assed spot on.

  23. This video came out exactly 7 days after ScreenRant released the exact same video. How's that for a spoiler alert? Plagiarists… Don't believe me? Go watch it.

  24. I see the whole squid game movie before and it was really interesting and cool

  25. This was wicked watching Jesus I missed a lot then 😭😂

  26. I’m obsessed with this show now . Just saw it last week , maybe 3 days ago and I been only watching things about this show since 🤣 I hate shows and I hate games so when I heard of it I was like nahhh I’ll pass but it happen to come on when I lost the damn remote and I am happy I lost that damn remote . I love it 🥰 🤣 and thanks for pointing this stuff out so I can continue to catch when I watch it again which I’m doing now 😭

  27. While I was watching squid game I also thought that the person who chose blue became a player and the person who chose red became a guard

  28. Il-Nam's teeth were a major reason for me to be suspicious of him from the start. There's no way that a poor, elderly person in Korea would have such a great set of pearlies as he did. It was thus implied that he wasn't poor at all and aside from the deadly tumour, was actually in fairly good physical shape for his age, again telling us he was able to afford good medical care which, unlike the EU, is a luxury in Korea.

  29. A big one is when they have the thermal cameras on during the night time riot scene. Everyone else’s temperature is 109F which is pretty average for people who are having a massive adrenaline strike.
    But when you see the old man he has a temperature of 122F which is the temperature of a really high fever.

  30. 9:57
    The speaker of this video is having an emotional breakdown

  31. 20:09 didn't it straight up say in the winners list that he was a winner in 2015?

  32. I loved squid game then I didn’t mind it but now I love it


  34. I had a feeling from the begging that ill Nam was the guy in charge. The fact that he was number 1 and also old. Once they showed the boss sitting with a mask after he was eliminated it was confirmed for me. I did always think he was gonna be Gi Hans father.

  35. 2:12 Oh great!! Gi Hun won 4.56 million at horse track. Ironically, he is the player 456.

  36. 25 years of squid games and there are what 200 workers each games? How many in total thru history prolly thousands? What happens when they leave? Can they talk about it?

  37. God didn’t make Christianity lol 🤦‍♀️

  38. The triangle table at the end you missed that the floor is a circle shape, with square tiles.. Making all 3 shapes of the squid games 😉

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