Huggy Wuggy vs Squid Game Guard GTA 5 Epic Battle Compilation

Hello. Let’s watch the Huggy Wuggy and Squid Game Guard GTA V battle compilation. If you like GTA 5 battle, ragdolls and fails videos please like and comment.

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All the content on my channel is recorded and edited by myself!
If you are curious about the video creation process –

These processes include Video Recording, Map building, Voice Commentary, Video Editing and lastly Thumbnail creation.

1. I use OBS Recording Software for the Video Recording part, I make maps on the game Grand Theft Auto 5.

2. I add my voice commentary using OBS and my trusty microphone HYPER. I then edit this footage with Adobe Premiere editing software.

3. I lastly make my thumbnails with screenshots dragged over to my Photoshop Photo editing software.


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