How to make the squid game guard masks? Easy tutorial

Thank you so much for watching this video, bringing the squid game Netflix show to real life. This is an easy tutorial on how to make the masks that the guards make on a budget, which you can easily do for your Halloween costume this year.
This is a way cheaper option than buying a mask online, as you can easily wear a dark pink tracksuit with it and the outfit is complete✨

If you have any ideas or if there’s something you always wished you knew how to make just let me know in the comments bellow and I will make it happen!!
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Here are the amazon links to the materials used:
White Vinyl –
Coloured Vinyl –
Here are the handles to my social media:
Instagram fashion account: @belchior_illustrations
Instagram personal account: @beoca1
TikTok: beoca1
Here’s the PDF of the basic block which you can print out:

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