how to make the guards on pony town (squid game)

wryyyy, today I decided to do a tutorial As you can see,And I Hope that It helped you
if you want more tutorials just say in the comm.
here’s the link on my server:
join if you want!
About tutorial requests, I accept them all, but sometimes can happen that I forget about them, so I apologize if I won’t do all requests, I have so many of them, but don’t have much time since it’s school and I have time only at weekend, if you’d like to request, I recommend writing it like this: “hello Annie, could you please make ·character· from the ·show/game or whatever· thank you.
I really don’t like seeing “requests” which are like “make this” and it’s all, also use your own shading style! Please, see you guys in next video.


  1. this is for the people who said to change the color: ok first of all she havent watch squid game so yeah second of all you can just change it to hot pink third of all if you think its to fast slow it down there is lil setting button there click it

  2. you also have the same name as my pony !

  3. Omg this helped sm! I followed the whole vid!
    You deserve more subs 😭

  4. you are the best youtube in the whole world

  5. Your voice is absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE!

  6. I love this tsm! it just stress me a little that you change the colors every second but its so good

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