How to make Squid game guards face in gacha club||Tutorial



  1. Thanks for telling us! I always wonder how did you made the Circle!!

  2. SCP 049(Friends CarrenKay and new Glasses Rainbow) says:

    Good. Thank you now I can playing Gacha Club same Squid Game you.

  3. คุมว่างมาโรล gacha online ของ squid game ด้วยกันมะ //คนเดียวกันกับ MyBookHaveAPOWER นร้ะ

  4. oh,my……Now i know how to make the circle…I was wondering about that

  5. But it can already be done.

  6. tysm I finally know how to do the circle

  7. Nice music😃 totally doesn’t break my ears🤩🤩😃👂🔫

  8. The music in the background is sad but funny- I’m wheezing and crying sad tears- is that possible!?

  9. Can you show us how to make the whole squid game guard

  10. My ears are freaking hurting of this song ;-;

  11. The backround music sounds good to my bleeding ears 😃👍

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