How to make guard from squid game in gacha? (Toturial)


  1. Thank you so much, this video helped me a lot……i don't like that video when I'm dancing ._.

  2. Thanks a lot I really needed it your the best gacha tuber ever

  3. Tysm this will help my squid game gacha club video

  4. Hey i got a tutorial. The height is any number but supposs to be like 5 or 6. Head size is 12 or 11 and height scale will be minus until it will be thick. Thats it! I hope you heart my comment

  5. I think I can't do the mask without a rectangle against of a square

  6. Nokia 3310 (founding machine) [NATO] [SANS] [UN] says:

    This not helpfull

  7. Can you tell how to make circle guard in gacha online (from roblox

  8. Tysm, I really needed this I'll make sure to put credits! <3

  9. 鉏骯穄 INTO DA SUSY BAKA 磭穄冢撩 says:

    Pls do a totorial of how to make front man

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