How to make a Squid Game mask

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How to make a Squid Game guard mask out of CARDBOARD and paper using easy tools that you will be proud to bring to an event, or to give as a present for a birthday!

In this tutorial I teach you how to build your own Squid Game mask in an easy way and with almost nothing for an incredible result!

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✅ Brown thin cardboard for mailing
✅ Black paper sheets
✅ White paper sheets

Steel Wax Carving Set:
Varnish Satin Clear:
White glue:
Paint Brushes:
Precision Knife Set:
Scratch Awl:
Hot Glue Gun:
Cutting Mat:
Laser Cutter: (Optional)

Steel Wax Carving Set:
Varnish Gloss Clear:
Wood Adhesive:
Paint Brushes:
Precision Knife Set:
Hot Glue Gun:

Stainless Steel Wax:
Vernis à bois:
Colle à bois:
Pistolet à colle:
Cutter de précision:

🎧🎵 All songs you’ve heard in this video come from “Epidemic Sound”!


0:00 What This Video Is About
1:54 How To Use The Templates
3:21 The Main Structure
5:34 Make the Small Details
8:46 Make The Mask Sturdier
9:28 Cover It With Black Paper
10:45 The Square
11:46 Holes, Lots Of Holes
12:19 The Strap
12:52 Final Product

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  1. next make DARTH VADER HELMET please………………………

  2. Can u make any lightsaber hilt like Luke’s or darth Vader’s

  3. It will be interesting to see a version of the Statue of the Myllenium Tour used in Mylene Farmer … witch is inspired from H.R. GIGER

  4. I'm school student so I didn't able to purchase this templates however I loved to make this face mask I tried many times to make this at home unfortunately there measurements were incorrect could you please offer me it for free.

  5. Wait, the guards should not reveal their entity/ I really can't spell it

  6. You are amazing, please makes cardboard gun

  7. I propose the back to the future hoverboard !😀

    Good video !!😉

  8. Hey can you make loki daggers and loki sword which was given by kid loki from loki series season 1.

  9. you are a god at making this stugph and so far this is the third one i am making.

  10. I really like what you do you have amazing talent !!!

  11. You should make a reverse beartrap! It's so cool! I subbed <3

  12. vous avez imprimer la forme pour le masque sur quelle site?

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  14. But what if you don't have the templates

  15. Do You have to Buy the templates on your shops i want it free

  16. It's incredible! Btw my favorite mask is the front man mask.

  17. Hey you know that squid game boss mask please make it please cause the squid game gaurds are super easy only the boss is really hard

  18. Please make obito face mask please ❤️

  19. This is fantastic! I'm going to make a load of them for a party!

  20. My favourite masks are squid guard and frontman mask.And your masks are really amazing raphi.

  21. That looks promising, but can you see through it?

  22. I won't even make this but I enjoy your voice

  23. Where is the template? I cant find it

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