How to Make a Squid Game Guard Plushie [Free Pattern]



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Material Breakdown:
White Minky, Black Minky, Pink Minky, PolyFil, Matching Thread, Pins and Needles.

I generally get my materials from top rated search results on aliexpress and ebay, sometimes local fabric and craft stores.

Difficulty ranking: Medium


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  1. i love it and i miss you're videos so much

  2. The Queen has returned!!! Love to see that you're back Witchcrafty! I've missed your videos 🙂 ❤️

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  7. Aye your back! I would love to make another plushie of yours! My fam’s been obsessed with squid game, ill make this for them!

  8. Yay!! Glad to have you back with another masterpiece.

  9. At least this way the guards look less menacing haha

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  16. You're back!!! I'm not fan of Squid Game so I don't know much about the show, but the plushie looks so cute!!! Maybe I'll make this as a gift for my little cousin, she loves the show 😀

  17. I would love to make this plush the thing is I hope u can make the same video but hope u can do it step by step

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  26. I’m so I love with all of your creations. I’ve made a few for my kids. Best one I did was your “real time “ among us. I’m 50 plus years old and I find it really hard but I’m greatful , to follow the sped up tutorials. I d so love to se more “real time “ videos. Grandparents and newbies to sewing plushies, like me will be forever grateful for your real-time videos. Love your work and many thanks xx

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  31. I know it’s been a while, but I finish my own squid game guard. It turn out really nice. I hope you make some more patterns. Theses are sooo good.

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