How To Make A Roblox Squid Game Avatar/Outfit – Idea (Guard/Worker/Pink Soldier)

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Roblox Halloween Avatar Idea Ideas


  1. Add a duffel bag to make it look more better! This is the closest I could find to the squid game pink soldier! Sorry if it’s not what you’re looking for

  2. thanks now I have to wait to have robuxs xD

  3. thanks I just need the hood and the face

  4. Wish people were trying to find another mask so it'll look nicer, I'll just wait till there's a better alternative…

  5. Nice video
    Road to 200 guys get him to 200+ subs😬🤞

  6. If your broke and can't afford the friendly cyclops eyes just buy cyclops eyes for 20+ robux

  7. C̷o̴m̸m̴u̶n̴i̶s̵t̸2̸2̸8̸☭ says:

    Nemesis mask better

  8. Someone is the first person who did this kind of guard and people are making videos of this guard

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