how to look like the squid game guard in roblox


  1. Reason why UGC creator haven't made the mask is because 1. Takes time2. Might be due to copyright ©️

  2. If you want more tutorials like this please tell me in the comments below ❤ ❤

  3. How much robux is this i have a budget of 400 robux

  4. Guys save your time the last half of the video is the guy with the camera having a seizure

  5. Congratulations on 3k views I hope someday I will have
    Views like that!

  6. You can also have a fencing mask instead of the void mask cause it looks more like the mask it has like a microphone vibe like the guards it doesn’t have a shape tho

  7. Thank you guys so much for the support it is really nice of you guys!

  8. u dont really need to buy void mask just coulour your face bl;ack

  9. That looks like a othe one

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