How to become guard in squid game (closed or not available)

Disclaimer: That game is closed now.Try to play other squid game in Roblox.

music from ikson:


  1. We have 2 squid game here

    Discord Squid Game Community (have a new owner I think):

    -Guys we have a problem for squid game from kasstro beceuse for discord he or she need to fix the doiscord and squid game on roblox and wait them to send aplication for guard if the problem is finish in squid gamw from kasstro.
    -Guys try the 2nd game of squid game from hayilaaa or i will search the squid game who gives admin

    Can you pick what do you want game here. Option 1:squid game from kasstro Option 2 squid game from hayilaaa

    Can you comment here your question about that.

    The all links is in my description box

    For become guard or admin
    -You need to answer a application in Google form if its open wait it to send again link from discord
    -btw for discord server of squid game is fixing tomorrow you can send the form or later
    -Hayilaaa Is have starcode YouTuber if you win in squid game you got admin or guard
    -Im gonna find other squid game to who give admin
    -wait the form in discord and for Roblox game from hayilaaa pls wait to open because hayilaaa update it

  2. yes why is he have a mic tell me are you a ghosts? -_-

  3. Hi, if I already made the form in the roblox game, how long will I have to wait until they answer me? just in case I leave my username NatzukiUwU01

  4. I hate the fact that u need a host to start the game it’s annoying

  5. The squid game is so scary a watch it but I'm just little to watch that I'm only 7 years old

  6. Kuya pwede patingin ng maga sagot di ako marunong mag English

  7. i will wait they talk to me im good i can make them happy 100% my name in roblox light yagami th or gummyxddddlol8179 like that i love to talk and help people ^^

  8. Me who doesn't have frickin discord:

  9. I met moon yesterday in roblox in squid game

  10. noooo pls do some discord that unable to invite 🙁

  11. I’m registered but I’m not a guard HELP!!! And I can’t do commands HELPPPP!!!!!

  12. I join the discord before and i didnt know how to be admin or guard and i search how to be admin in squid game roblox and i found this btw thanks

  13. Emm can you give the link for discord please cause I'm not found the link heheh

  14. For number 1 option in for discord owner have change to new means the discord like yesterday is have new channels and wait again to admin can send link in discord

  15. And how to know if they accept or not accept your application form I already filled it all in

  16. Can you send the link discord there's no public announcement

  17. Ummm hi guys! 😊 im new here and what the game you play!? 😔

  18. Cause i wish that im gonna be admin in that game 😔

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