How To Beat The YOUTUBER GAME In “The OctoGames”

If you were kidnapped and forced to compete in a Death Game tournament where you could win a YouTube channel with over 115 Million subscribers, what would you do?

Thank you for watching OctoGames explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. Never in my life have I felt the urge to speed up a movie like The Octogames…
    Should’ve only watched yalls video, I can’t put into words how cringy the movie is

  2. Honestly aside from the obviously helpful life saving advice you have. I also use you to vet movies/shows. Through you i discovered sweet home and alice in borderland. I think imma give this movie a pass 😂

  3. That guy who was sick and coudent play 💀💀💀💀

  4. “The Evil Mr. Beast” I’m dead 😂😂

  5. At this point I'm expecting calamari challenge

  6. The fuck? Who woke up and said I'll make this movie.

  7. squidgame with low budget lol. Still cool viedo

  8. So basically nonetflix youtuber version of squid games

  9. Yet again, the majority of these movies always end with a pretty young girl walking away victorious.

    Men rarely ever have a chance to be that last one standing when they have to go against a pretty girl.

    I sure wish movie makers could be more creative. It is pretty much the same script with slight variations with each of these types of movies. YAWN!! 🙄

  10. When the Squid Games lose all its money.

  11. Not me crying cause the cause the old man d!ed

  12. Bruh this is mr.beast if murder was legal;he be like "I put landmines across a playground and last to leave win 1,000,000,000 Dollars

  13. MrBeast bout to do this with his channel when hes older bro

  14. This is what happens when Mr beast finally snaps

  15. The guards are the squid game guards but ohio version 😂

  16. man ngl, i thought it was gonna be a cheap looking movie but idk why but this was super entertaining, very predictable but still

  17. Ayo furry in a rip off spuid game wth 🤦‍♂️

  18. Was this a serious movie it looks pretty shit they should've made it a comedy and referenced squid game over 200 times

  19. Man, I love knockoff American squid game

  20. bro just go behind the foxes chair for hide and seek he just ran off and went looking so

  21. Pewdipie would be the most likely person to do this

  22. yo wanna watch squid games "nah imma watch OctoGames"

  23. did the tittle change? it used to be how to beat the rip off squid game or something like that

  24. the channel with 150m+ channel is probably cocomelon ,i don't trust those creepy looking kid animations

  25. the funny thing is the guy here has 1/10 chance to be immunity to electricity

  26. Why didn't they use their shoes as protection in the tetherball game???

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