If your wife was trampled to death by filthy degenerate guidos at the local Walmart over waffle Irons on Black Friday, what would you do?

I’m going to break down the mistakes made, what you should do, and how to beat JOHN CARVER in THANKSGIVING. Experience the magic of gangle digital circus images, a dark comedy web series that introduces you to adorable characters trapped in a surreal virtual world. Join their journey as they confront personal traumas with humor, navigating the challenges of their digital reality.

Credit Notes: We took all Sympathetic Victim member names on 12/29 in the morning to add to this video. If you signed up afterward, you might be missing on the credit scroll, but we’ll add you in the next video.

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  1. Genuinely, why did the Killer change costumes and pretend to have been attacked.

  2. would've been funny if the table saw had a quick stop brake on it, then Yulia just lands on the table and nothing happens

  3. bro where was Scooba that whole fight scene like get up and help them fight him.

  4. Lonnie didn’t record, that was Evan! You got your characters all mixed up, bro.

  5. I’ll stay home and browse on Amazon before cyber Monday

  6. Hmmm, weird, they dont raceswap the mob, or is that too close to reality

  7. Chad played by Dorian Giordano is a cutie. Especially when he lifts his shirt up and shows those abs. ❤

  8. Nahhh there are plot holes with how the sheriff and killer are in the same place. I guess there are two killers, the other one is ryan. Like his character was really suspicious and when they were all kidnapped, he was nowhere to be seen until the end (like isn't he one of the major characters?) like huh? His character became underwhelming at the end like it's almost impossible. If there will be a thanksgiving 2, I bet my money ryan is connected to the sheriff. Maybe he even help the sheriff at the end (when the balloon exploded because no body was seen) hmmm

  9. She could have use a long lighter and hair spray.

  10. chat is this how a black friday looks like?

  11. South Park made a joke on people go Crazy over Black Friday, and this movie basically depicting it is hilarious 😂

  12. I did not see the Oppenheimer clip coming 😆

  13. Dawg the “STIIIIIIIIIIIRIIIIKE TWO” sent me 😂😂

  14. 😂😂😂😂😂baseball may not be your ticket anymore 😂😂

  15. 1:52 first of all these are grown adults…acting like this there is no way most of them are able to pay for the items they are fighting and killing for… The workers also have a right to refuse service! It’s fiction I know 😞but its just like how does this happen 😭

  16. i actually wanted the killer to win this haha

  17. I have a cut out poster of him on my board 😭😭

  18. For everyone saying that 'Needing a pin for emergency call is bs' um…
    my phone actually makes me put in my pin when i try to make an emergency phone call, so… yeah, it's not total bs

  19. It’s so funny how high budget the movie looks,and how low budget the production seems at once lmao

  20. FYI Thanksgiving hated these kids because if they had not sneaked in in the first place then the crowd would have not been enranged. Please rewatch your video before releasing it

  21. I wanna know what the Hell that dumpster lid is made of. Eviscerating a fat woman by falling close?

  22. Gotta love how Nerd Explains has gone insane from watching too many movies where people make stupid decisions. Now his videos are 50% about telling the killer how to be more effective at murdering these idiots. Now I'm just dying to watch a slasher movie where Nerd Explains is the killer, it'll probably be over in 5 minutes tho.

  23. To be fair, the sheriff was too blinded by rage against Right Mart and the citizens of Plymouth to even care who was innocent of his lover's murder. In his mind, everyone is guilty as sin and must be punished.

  24. Black Friday is going to be illegal bro the clown looks like a clown from the killer klowns from outer space

  25. I did appreciate the Killer Clowns from Outer Space costume.

  26. bro if thats the opening scene to this movie i would have walked out- over exaggerated deaths that give final destination vibes genuinely give me anxiety cuz, i know some of the deaths arent possible but my anxiety says theyre all guaranteed and then i never wanna leave my house, lmao

  27. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I already think John Carver is now an iconic horror movie killer

  28. Click bait copyright alert copying thumb nail from how to beat

  29. Okay bro someone put this man a watchlist or something because why does he know so much about killing people 😂

  30. Contender for most annoying final girl.

  31. 20:05 it would be funny if the dude said he was thankful for being alive. 😂

  32. Everybody has a plan until somebody steps to them with a damn axe lol

  33. It was so good to hear a reference to pre-woke Bill Burr.
    Back when he was funny…

  34. Can’t believe they used the Just As the Founding Fathers Intended gun to stop the killef

  35. My mom brought up the point that Bobby was pissed bc he can no longer get his ball scholarship. But there’s for sure two killers and I’m stoked to see who the other is.

    Prob the new bf.

  36. Moral of the story.. be introvert and lock yourself in the safety of your house..

  37. One thing I want to point out. Why the hell does the killer look like the Oversimplified version of George Pickett

  38. 9:59 calling it now, it’s Patrick
    19:50 NVM, it can’t be. How is he hosting a search while actively killing people?
    24:00 HOW?!

  39. You see this is why I'm glad I'm an introvert and I don't go shopping round black Friday's

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